It's a war for the territory in which the invaded part is asked not to defend itself. It would be "absurd" if it weren't that the leaders of this invasion are israeli jews who give orders to the marxist jews who give orders to the Left.

To all the people who think what's happening is strange, no it isn't, the invasion is organized from the outside of Europe by the israelis: Carlo DeBenedetti, Nathaniel Philip Rothschild, Edouard de Rothshcild, who reside in Israel but give orders to the italian, english and french lefty activists, they pay them when the instinct of letting one's land being invaded is not enough; they give orders to a mass of people inside the institutions through freemasonry; their enemy, no matter what the muslims do is the right wingers because they want to keep the control of the land. Being a war to conquer a territory entirely to the jewish masons it is therefore obvious that their enemy is the right wingers. 
Among news of muslim pupils exempt from shaking hands with female teachers, of greeks asked to build mosques in Athens of attempted hiding of crimes committed by the refugees, people must put themselves frankly against the jewish freemasonry which is a damn tool of Israel.
The italian former President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano was initiated into freemasonry directly by Raoul Palermi the jewish rabbi who was the head of the italian freemasonry, so everybody is informed. The masons should unlock their oath of obedience to freemasonry and start thinking that they don't want to be slaves of the israelis after a war in which the jews use the muslims as invaders. Because it is like this and stop. It's not the saudi Arabians and it's not Assad or Putin who control the Left and the masons who are opening the doors and pulling the invasion from the inside it is:
Rothschild, Soros and DeBenedetti all zionists, it's not a secret, it's there for everybody to see it.

They want to annihilate us either for the holocaust - but I don't believe it, cause Soros collaborated with the Nazi in Hungary selling the other jews to them and Rothschild through the Kuhn, Loeb & Co. of Manhattan actually financed both Hitler and Mussolini - or because they can never conquer a cohesive christian society: they are trying to humiliate us with every possible means, they even say "We can use their own navy to invade their land" they consider the "goym" that is the non-jews, like stupid animals easy to manipulate
In Netanyahu's words: "The americans are very easy to manipulate" or in the words of extremist rabbis "The non jews are like animals, killing non jews is like killing animals" and even "the non jews in Israel should be at service of the jews..." It's all sentences published on the Times of Israel or in videos on internet.

We have to do one thing: let the israelis alone in the middle east, not giving them money or guns or aid and let the muslims destroy them, because they are worse and probably hate us more. If our ancestors were antisemitic probably they had a  reason or two.