Don't laugh at the Swedes, if you're on the same wrong path...Correct yourself.

Ami Horowitz american film director filmed the no go zones in Sweden
The Swedes have become the object of pity and derision of all the world, basically because they import immigrants who beat them, don't defend themselves and go on taking more. They are scared of the same egalitarianist cage the Left has built while dominant: it all started with feminism, men and women are the same, and they even de-crowned the Crown Prince Carl-Philip, after he was born, not before, to hand the Crown to his elder sister Victoria, then it came the gays, homosexuality is "the same" as heterosexuality then gay marriages came, in the name of gay marriages they even, de facto, changed religion without changing physically churches, they ousted Saint Paul and the Lord of the Old Testament and even performed gay marriages inside the invaded churches in the Name of Father the Son and the Holy Spirit; but, excuse me, which Father? Because Father is intended the God of the Old Testament that said the precise opposite, like Saint Paul for that, and that has the habit of getting particularly angry with the ones who disobey Him keeping the external forms of the Religion of His Cult, which is precisely what the Swedes had done, you need to read the Bible even only once to know that God prefers the atheists and the even the pagans to the people who disobey Him staying inside His house. The Swedes are therefore "legally" damned and cursed by God. The latest form of their egalitarianism, which is a silly conviction that everything is the same and that things are only superficially different but inside, deeply, are the same - which is untrue and btw who told them? - transformed itself into bringing massively immigrants from Africa and Asia, mainly muslims, and settling them at their own expenses in the middle of the swedish towns, mainly Malmö, but not only, also Stockholm and now even in the once sleepy-peaceful small villages, the ones who rebel to this are - no matter how normal they look and seem to you and I - labelled "far right" "fascists".

The Swedes have become the tragic laughing stock of the western world, but among the people who laugh I can see that some are doing precisely the same mistakes: everything started with denying sexual differences and even to deny that to grow up with a mother and a father is different and more natural than to be given in adoption to two gay men or two lesbians, to deny in the extreme the sexual physical differences the Swedes reached the point to ask men to piss sitting so they would look not so different than women. Swedish egalitarianism, the concept wrong in practice and anyway undemonstrated in theory, that men and women are the same, gay and straight are the same, Islam and Christianity are the same now brought them to the social and economic breaking point. No go zones etc. and, what's more tragic, self inflicted censorship.
This is how an american Jew saw them and it's about time they start understanding what people really think about them, but I warn everybody: things are equal only if they're truly the same, if they're different they're never equivalent. So, to grow up with two lesbians or two gay men is not equivalent as a natural family, so, don't laugh at the Swedes if you're on the same "egalitarian" path.
This is a small interview to Ami Horowitz the film maker of the above documentary: