Independently from Brexit, this Government is still full with people who bring about the Illuminati anti-White agenda. Sack Amber Rudd.

Police chief job could be opened up to civilians says Daily Mail Online – and so you’d have israeli nationals who do the military in Israel giving orders to white cops and a couple of niqab wearing women humiliating white cops around. Sack Amber Rudd instead. Edit

Britain is a white country, it was built by the whites, now the israeli jewish component of society in the persons of the Rothschild bankers and their direct minions are trying to humiliate the whites and use both corrupted whites, Amber Rudd for sure, and the muslims for the purpose. Now tell me what’s the real point in giving top jobs, the roles of the bosses in the police aka the ones who give orders to the cops, to people who didn’t work as agents in the streets: this is all anti-white agenda, you’d have certainly israeli nationals who give orders to white cops but do the military in Israel and take orders from Netanyahu/Rothschild - in Israel if you don't do the military they don't even let you in the government as "family minister" - and don’t even want to bother to do the agents in the streets of Britain, then you’d have a couple of scarf wearing muslim women humiliating white male cops, this is what Rothschild and Soros would like. The fact that Amber Rudd – and sometimes Michael Fallon – obey this line means only they are blackmailable or corrupted. Sack them and abolish the double nationality, this is all anti-white agenda. I’m sorry to say that independently from the fact that Theresa May is really bringing about Brexit, her government is still full with Illuminati abiding elements: change government or sack the Illuminati-friendly Ministers. Amber Rudd is doing everything wrong: the new rape trial proposal is anti men and this new proposal is anti white. Sack her and substitute her with a “virgin” Minister one who owes nothing to Rothschild or anyone else and one who must not be blackmailable and does the interests of the british cops and citizens. Apropos of the great “meritocracy” Theresa May wanted Britain to become: nothing is more anti-meritocratic than this. Throw this law-proposal into the dustbin and change Home Office Secretary.
It is understood people from outside policing could take the top roles in England and Wales following Home Office proposals in an attempt to attract a more diverse range of candidates.
This is clearly just a masonic piggery, the Left couldn’t do worse. And you call this government “conservative”? or even Right-wing?
Diktat: purge the government of the anti-patriotic or blackmailable elements and make it Right-wing really.