I've got a sense of nausea. So, it's not the Israelis and it's no the judges, my website was hacked when I touched the LGBT "sodomite" lobby. Great.

Another reason why not to give them kids, I have to admit that I said what I liked about the Jews, the Israelis and the judges, but apart from a couple of perplexed comments I didn't have any technical problems, my website Freeword And Friends World was hacked when I touched the sodomite lobby, but those people are beyond the good and the evil, they mess up with kids, they want reassignment surgery on underage kids, they say "to help them" "because they are trapped in the wrong body" I have never felt so disgusted, this transmania is the wickedest, it's child abuse.
I give you the link to refresh your mind.
But I give you also this:
An article on an interesting website about a male who identifies as a woman who beats the real woman to death in a MMA match link. Now this is not violence against women, because the woman with the penis is a "real" woman and the competition was honest, wasn't it? Close these people in a psychiatric yard and do not defend them.
I'll write until I can.
On more than one website if necessary and please, stupid Telegraph & Co. spare the tales about trans children who cry because people don't understand them and commit suicide, because I'm afraid when they don't commit suicide these guys commit homicide: they are indefensible and moreover I know it's a communication strategy to pict them always as victims until they obtain a law through which they can beat, kill, abuse steal children from the mother etc. which law must be abrogated where it exists and never conceded where it doesn't. These people are extremely selfish as for the playing the victim thing, it's because the head of the trans and gay lobby they say it's in the Vatican where they manipulate the New Testament basically on a daily base to try to use the concepts of "charity" and "compassion" to try to trick christians and make them swallow something worse. It's their job to manipulate the New Testament and censor the Old One. Not to mention how many people told us that over there it's full of paedophiles and gays. We were warned.