The day of Divorce is tomorrow. According to Article 50 the divorce takes place either on the date of triggering Article 50 or two years later, it is more convenient to cut the head of this bull now.  EU leaders will veto any attempt to make March 29 a 'cut off date' for free movement.

Beggars they were and beggars they shall remain; the EU representatives are behaving like people who beg money from the UK, if they only had split the right to free movement from the right to access benefits, probably the entire Brexit wouldn't have happened. but they no: 500 millions EU citizens, if they like, they must be given UK taxpayers' money, without having to pay into it, this is because for the globalists the nation-states are just cows to be milked. What do they want? Money from the UK for other two years and trying to boycott the Brexit process for two years. I'm ashamed for them, in any case in Article 50 there is written that the Country leaving the bloc is outside of the bloc either on the very same day of the notification or two years later, if the EU does like this, it's just more convenient to cut ties entirely tomorrow. They behave like beggars, I'm sorry for the Germans who are rich, the EU failed because it is an extreme leftist thing where the scroungers command over the producers. Stop this, Brexit now. So Gina Miller is not going to have any time to sue and impeach the government again. The two years time were given to slowly de-entangle the country from the bloc, one thing after the other, if free movement has to go on for other two years then you'll have to stop it abruptly in two years, I think with Switzerland already in talks for UK-Switzerland special relationship, what do you stay there other two years for? Exit shutting the door, please. The rest will come by consequently by itself, the bloc will crumble and we are free.
EU leaders will put themselves on a direct collision course with Theresa May by vetoing any attempt to make March 29 a cut off date for European citizens who move to the UK retaining the same rights as those already living in Britain.