Swedish feminists are criminals and like criminals must be treated. End of.

Screenshot of the video you cannot see - at the moment - because the upload on youtube is blocked even if there is perfect internet service.
The swedish society has a problem with a sort of lefty mafia, ruled by a group of jewish families who control the Lefty media and even the right-wing party that cannot be against Israel; in short the jewess who’s the CEO of youtube must be sacked, these are clips of a anti-swedish feminists video youtube didn’t let me upload no matter if the internet line was ok.
Watch the video here
I write down line by line, what I said in this video. Then I’ll try to upload it with wordpress or vimeo or anotehr platform. I noticed that also other anti-swedish “feminists” videos are published with other platforms but not youtube. And this is the platform that publishes jihadis’ videos and ISIS beheadings...Fuck you youtube.
Title of the video: Gentlemen welcome - Swedish feminists an embarrassment for humanity.
Text of the description: Swedish self proclaimed "feminists" have become an embarrassment for humanity. And this time I am outraged seriously. They have told white Gentlemen not to help women being harassed by refugees.
Tags: Feminism; Sweden; Gentlemen.
Paola talking, word by word:
Do you know what’s this, these are the real enemy
Swedish so called, self proclaimed feminists who created an ashtag “I’m not your woman” to tell men, white men, not to help women who get sexually harrassed by black men or refugees. Now, these are my enemy, this is the enemy. This slut and this other slut and these sluts here – I indicate the women in the first and third photograph and then the group in the middle – can talk personally for themselves. They must speak singular. Ok? They do not dare, cannot dare and say “us women” I’m not in the same group with this witch, when YOU are gang raped a white man cannot help YOU. - in this part of the video I get seriously angry – Shut up!
The swedish feminists have become an enemy of humanity!
Have I got to create an ashtag “Gentlemen welcome”?
Obviously, if a woman is harrassed, a Gentleman, white or black, straight, can and should and must give a help.
I’m sick and tired with these women. These sluts! Fucking sluts. Talk for yourself. - then I take back the Ipad and show their photographs – These women are just themselves, they do not represent anyone else.
Retarded. And honestly Sweden has become an embarrassment for humanity, for the western world. Thye give prizes to stupid, plastic slut like Zara Larsson. Zara Larsson, she’s a no one outside Sweden, she’s a local artist, in Sweden is someone, outside Sweden no one knows her. Because she’s...she’s the blond plastic doll man-hater who’s sexy on stage: she’s retarded, she’s stupid. And these ones – I show the photograph of the feminists who created the ashtag to tell men not to help women being harrassed on the Ipad again – are they retarded and stupid too or are they criminal? Try to imagine the scene these...sluts, and I call them sluts, and I’m a straight woman...pict. That in Sweden, you are being harrassed by refugees or by men and a white straight Gentleman shouldn’t help you because they, they tell him not to help you. They must speak singular. They must stop saying “we women”. They must say “I”, YOU personally . Because the pronouns are six: I, you...ok he, she it they are three, we, you, they. They must stop saying “we”. No one authorizes these sluts and witches to talk for ourselves. This problem of the self-appointed feminists must end. “Feminist” is a word. These women are self-appointed feminists, they say they are feminists. Who told them they are feminists? Who gave them this title? But can you imagine a Camille Paglia who’s being sexually harrassed by refugees refusing the help of a white Gentleman? If in Sweden they want to be fucked, they must talk for themselves. - I show again the photograph – This is my enemy, these sluts are my enemy. Fuck you, if you want to be gang raped! They have done the hell against normal men. They have sent to jail, almost to jail Julian assange for doing nothing, ok?. And now that there are the real rapes they are on the side of the rapists!
End of this video.