IMF and IOR under the control of Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta, crossing between jewish bankers and catholic freemasonry.

The Jews and the Black may forgive me for my antisemitic rant in previous articles, I am pro free speech because without it people like me would go to jail, so be free speech for all. But, if they got angry, a little angry, they would have been right. It's white catholics that lead all the illuminati industry and, you know, it's the same ethnical-religious group of my parents, I'm not catholic anymore since long. It's as simple as this: to get a job at the International Monetary Fund, and decide about Greece's destiny among other things, you need a recommendation of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta (sic). Catholic, white, with headquarter in my dear Italy (I knew the enemy is near), no Jews and no black, so I learn to talk about the others. I apologize, but the point is "they're all in this together" but you and I. They are the gays related to the Vatican, a place where, if you're gay you make more career for obvious reasons, they push immigration towards Italy and want Europe to intake more refugees because they hope that the National States break down and everything becomes like the Catholic Church, globalist with centre in their own headquarter in Rome and without democracy, where people are not elected, are picked up by the person who's above. They are somewhat superior to normal freemasonry and enter and exit the Vatican as they please, they control the Vatican laundry bank IOR, a propos, the scandal of washing dirty money wasn't a rumour, I checked, it is true and there's an investigation going on. It's not that Rothschild and Soros don't count anything anymore, but they're all connected through the bank, and I'm afraid that the gay Vatican occupies a superior position.
The Vatican even issued a Calendar of the handsome priests. The

gay obsession must come from there and this finally makes sense: they are all unmarried men and prohibit marriage, there are rumours, again, that gay priests make career in the Vatican more easily than non gays, it's proven they did gay orgies in the Vatican, controlling the IMF through the Knights of Malta they put gays or pro-gay agenda people in high positions, then from the IMF pay and push in all unelected places, like the UN and EU commission pro gay agenda people, from there they try to overrule the anti-gay feelings of the rest of the population through chosen politicians who at that level must be elected democratically, here comes what's left of our possibility to choose. Trump, Berlusconi and Putin are not under the Vatican/Knights of Malta's control, we better try to reinforce them if we want to keep our freedom or to gain a superior level of freedom, they happen to be powerful without the recommendation of the sect, they can choose really and they must stay united to form a really hard block for these black priests to break. I'm sorry for Rothschild, I mean I'm not sure that Nathaniel or David de Rothschild know they are under the control of a small group of gay, satanic, catholic priests. Happy gay pride, guys, you are under the control of homosexuals who entered priesthood for this reason and hate heterosexuals, hence the continuous accusation of sexism for every manifestation of heterosexual culture. Not to mention paedophilia. I'm glad that Lord Janner will be prosecuted and I hope he'll pay a lot to all the victims of his rapes, he'll have to give them millions in reward, in the end he may even go to jail, other than pay, but did you notice on the Telegraph the articles that say he shouldn't face trial? So, a part of the establishment tries to defend him, go back to the top of the track to see who's the powerful person telling Dan Hodges to defend the un-defendable.
As for us, we should stay on the side of the normal people, Donald Trump and Rand paul should join forces, they may be President and Vice-President, they are both pro Constitution, we must join forces against this gay-globalist sect all across the world.