Arkan's tigers in Oxford?

I've got to make up my mind about what's really going on in Oxford's colleges as for the notorious "rape culture" allegations. The accusation is not of "rape" it is of "rape culture" and "laddism" now rape and "laddism" are not precisely the same thing, the feminists want to re-educate men in colleges and talk about lad banter and rape as if they were the same thing, which stinks. Feminists in Oxford are very powerful, since they managed to prohibit a debate about abortion not organized by them, as if only they had the copyright about abortion's debate. It's not that I or any other blogger had organized the debate, the debate was organized by the Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley, educated at Trinity College, Cambridge University, do you know what it means? It means, no matter how simple and cool he looks, he is an expression of the establishment. To prohibit a Telegraph journalist to talk in Oxford means power, now they want to prohibit laddish culture relating it directly to rape and mixing, as usual, real cold rapes with what they call "rape without violence" again, as if they were the same thing. Once I argued that rape allegations should be made soon after the rape and not four months after, so a doctor, a gynecologist, can prove scientifically there was abuse on the body of the victim and I was told I was dismissing the case of rape without violence (???) If I were vulgar I'd say w.t.f. is rape without violence? According to the feminists it happens when the body of the woman doesn't show evidence of rape because the woman was taken advantage of when she was drunk or gave an extorted consent when she was vulnerable or under threat. So, there's no evidence and the judges and police have to guess. Add the refusal of the alleged victim to confront the alleged rapist, because it would be like being virtually raped again and no one goes to jail for lack of any sort of evidence. What should the police and the justice do? Whatever they do, anyhow, people don't believe them, if they arrest the man, some people are still convinced that the man is innocent, see Ched Evans' case, and if they release him and drop the allegations some other people still think he's guilty, see Oxford
Union's president's case, Ben Sullivan, whose political career is destroyed probably, I don't see him becoming Mayor of London or Tory prime Minister. But is this wrong? Yes, it is, since the very same girl who accused him said during a recorded private conversation that it was no rape and, obviously, she was far too drunk, whatever this in her mind implies, probably that she's innocent whatsoever. Who knows?
Laddish culture in Oxford is very vulgar and disgusting, see this on the Mail online, even though I wouldn't trust a man who's so vulgar, because his dreams and fantasies are perverted and he somewhat "needs" to humiliate women, this is why they talk like this when they are in an all boys contest, the rape allegations have got to be proven. The life of a man falsely accused of rape is destroyed, read this, the case is always the same: man thinks it's a one night stand, woman says it's rape. The number of rape allegations is so high that makes male students in Oxford look like the Arkan's tigers of Milosevic's Kossovo's war. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible, is it true? We don't know, to educate people to behave properly is always good, but shouldn't be men teaching other young men? Shouldn't be Boris Johnson's job, more than feminists associations's job to try and understand what is really going on and put an end to it? Boris Johnson is a former Oxford Union's president and is certainly not anti-male while the feminists have the reputation of being man-haters, man-haters till the point that they defend the girl also when she's a self confessed liar attracting so the suspicion that it's they who set up false rape trials for the sake of changing the laws in a more feminist direction, this means they'll never be trusted. But a man may identify too much with the lads and not be super-partes either, so some credible men and women should do the job together, other wise they can build the next elitist male college of a University directly in Alcatraz, so the students are already in jail.