Brexit and Grexit: Britain leaves the EU because it's too rich, Greece because it's too poor, the EU system's broken.

 Cameron, he's not a poor chap, he can't be against "the system" the way we are, anybody's got his own path in life, we were thrown into this world directly in the middle of a sort of chess game already begun, with a given position and a given level of power. We pay the mistakes of the previous players and enjoy the prize of their good choices. I believe Cameron is doing right about the EU Referendum and I believe the britons, black and white, anglo-saxon and "asian" (they call asian the indo-pakistani, I don't know why) must consider that economically the EU is damaging them, because they have, in Brussels, a tremendous "marxist" attitude towards wealth: you are wealthy basically because you are lucky and you've got to pay for the un-wealthy, no matter whether they have swamped the money you gave them till yesterday, the dogma is "they are unlucky". In Britain, Osborne, the toff, the posh, the elegant man of steel, is cutting the welfare and the public sector and even the defense budget in a way that's offending many britons who work there, but no, the British are "rich and lucky" and they've got to pay for everybody else money saved in a "sacrificial" way, do you know why? because in Brussels they are proto-marxist, people must see things the way they truly are, you are called "racist" if you say that immigrants should get a job and receive a wage for that. But in Brussels they want immigrants to get money from the welfare for the very fact that they have come and this jobseekers' allowance should never end, it doesn't last three months, if you don't get a job in three months you lose it, no, it should last almost forever. You cannot criticize immigrants and not if they want the jihad or the sharia in your country, according to that criminal bill that's the european human rights bill that Cameron, rightly, wants to scrap. Sometimes I wonder why in Europe they pretend to be stupid, I believe they are globalist and hate territoriality, an immigrant, in Italy, after coming without passport, and who cares about passports anymore? they come and go as if they were in a jungle and if you tell them like this they call you racist, and if you worry about it, you are wrong, well after jumping illegally in Europe, he said that "the land is not yours, the land belongs to God" this is good as an argumentative sentence only in a third world country like Africa, in Europe it doesn't work: no, the land belongs to the humans, as for God, basically, everything and nothing belongs to Him, and we are not in a muslim nation where any idiot who says "God" can make other people shut up. In any case the immigrants happen not to be God. They haven't got a good culture and they should come legally, with the passport and stop, as for the Lord, after we die we'll see who goes up and who goes down. So, forget that they'll ever say thank you, but they are not the real problem, the real problem is the fifth columnists inside western countries, the ones who open the doors and allow the flow. If the Briton exit they do it right and if they scrap the human rights bill of the EU they do even better, everything they do in these super-national contests, they do it to destroy the nations. And Greece? Beautiful Greece is on the other side of the problem: they can't keep up with the strong economies, they should never have entered, but, as it happened in Italy, that shouldn't have entered too, the journalists and economists who wanted to keep the national currency and warned against the economic dangers of entering the EU were branded fascist, and were not allowed to talk in the television debates, excluded from the big newspapers, the italians did vote for the euro, but really the big media represented the anti Euro people like "the ones who did the Holocaust, racist and ultra-nationalists". The ones who did the Holocaust?
Yes, and people who read the italian newspapers at those times know I'm not exaggerating, they used such terms, till the anti-EU economists were silenced, apart from the internet and a minority of publications. Britain can exit without scars, and they should do it to give a lesson to those communists in Brussels, Osborne is making the British suffer and I don't see on what moral basis in Brussels they can claim all those money ( because it is about the money ) for all the jobseekers in Europe who intend to move to the UK. We must build a society where the truly vulnerable are helped but we must prize the workers and the savers.
Otherwise it's communism, again. 

Paola Distilo