Equality doesn't exist in nature, it's just a gift the powerful do to the weak ones.

Everybody "claims" equality, I'd like to open their eyes: equality does not exist. In nature power exists, equality is just a prize or a gift some really powerful people do to the "vulnerable" ones, if there is shift of power, rights change no matter what you claim. Now George Soros and the various Rockefeller and a couple of Rothschilds decided to give this to gays and lesbians, are they gays? or lesbians? who knows? they wanted this, the rest is a farce, a farce when you do a Referendum and the campaigners for the NO are not allowed to talk or only the ones who happen not to be convincing can talk and even the Irish gave in to the gay weddings crying nonsense about an inexistent equality between gays and straights, when, in nature it is like this: gays are ill and straights are healthy. Homosexuality is a form of emotional sterility, they are troubled, they're not what a man or a woman are supposed be in nature. We don't see why we should give them children if they cannot have children precisely due to their own homosexuality.
There is another form of equality claim that's destroying western countries: the african tribal culture and Islam put on the same level of christian/jewish roman and aristotelic western culture. No, they're not equal and the results are totally unequal, because reality is not politically correct; do you believe really that in Africa they are always "unlucky" because of the white? Do you sincerely think that they are always the unluckiest in the world, no matter the era, no matter whether they self organize themselves or are colonized, they are always worse off than others. Do you believe

in 2000 years history it can always be someone else's fault? They are unlucky because their own culture makes them miserable. An African american who speaks english and is christian evangelical can become powerful and globally successful like a white: Condoleezza Rice, Denzel Washington, Ophrah Winfrey, Will Smith...and I can add as many as you like, but if you stick to the african culture you don't get anywhere, poor you were and poor you shall remain. It is so obvious, but this is not what the illuminati want, the illuminati push scandalously tribal cultures and fight Christianity and are deporting all these africans to Europe to diminish the impact of Christianity on Europe, because they are anti-christian. The UN and the Left teach the black that they have
no faults and whatever bad thing happens to them it's the white's fault, and they believe it. We've got immigrants, fed by us, clothed by us, housed by us and they don't even say thank you because they are convinced all this is due to them. Put an end to this, the african are responsible for their own actions just like the others, to state differently than this it's like saying they're more stupid than the westerners. That would be racism really. God save Europe and the entire world.