In Britain to give good advices is branded "Victim blaming"

Lately in Britain some people I esteem and deem very clever were branded sexist  and accused of victim blaming for suggesting girls not to binge drink and stay together when they walk an isolated road, because, if something happens in that situation is rather unlikely to be helped. I am talking about Sussex Police and Justice Richard Males; obviously binge drinking should be avoided independently from sex and also for health issues, but I don't want to divert the attention from the victim blaming thing: it is obvious they weren't victim blaming, they just said in that situation you are less likely to avoid the danger. And they were assaulted by the dirty crowd who blames people who try to rescue the social disaster they can see with their eyes. It is disgusting indeed to see women ending up like this:
 Now tell me if the Police officers and Sir Richard Males haven't loved these women much more than the pandering feminists who tell them it's ok, there's nothing wrong with it. I don't think Jack the Ripper would care about them more than they take care about themselves. No one has to rape them, but the rapists don't care about it otherwise they wouldn't be rapists, they would be normal men. Jack the Ripper may appreciate more the position of the feminists who don't want to tell girls not to get drunken than Justice Males or the Police Officers of Sussex, to whom, as a woman, goes my solidarity. Do it for yourself, not for me. Anyhow I hope you are lucky, because in that position only an angel can protect you.