#KillAllWhiteMen is not illegal #KillAllGays is illegal. Why any intelligent person can't be politically correct.

Every intelligent person is not politically correct. If you read this website you probably are not brainwashed by the freemasonry-controlled part of the media. So, incite racism against white men is not illegal, incite racism against gays is, why? I mean, why any intelligent person should identify with such "subculture", if you identify with them you are stupid, clever people feel disgusted by the lack of logic, they find it repugnant. Frustrated people who entered Universities per quotas want a role in society and sell themselves to the freemasonic masters who tell them what to do promising they will protect them in case of legal trial, but they can collect only unintelligent people, like Bahar Mustafa, who do silly things to be noticed, like those actors who haven't got a job and try to be involved in cheap scandals to end up in the tabloid to be noticed again and not to be totally forgotten, I really pity people who cash in their being an ethnical minority since they probably cannot earn fame any other way for lack of talent. Intelligent people shift the more and more on the other side of the river and are provocative on purpose, like the Oxford students, probably. When I look at Bahar Mustafa I can only think that she looks cheap and frustrated, ridiculous and unable to be noticed in a cleverer way, I suddenly thought: "she must be at university per quotas", which, for me, is not a compliment, it means she evidently has no merits, she's a stupid one included per quotas. By the way, the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is a white male too, till he lets her do...I also still believe white men are more powerful.