Organized feminists are racist against women and the black.

How the organized feminists offend women and black: They put on the same level healthy women and healthy black men with disabled white men, as if the white males were some kind of gods, that you are the equivalent of one of them only when he's crippled, as if being a woman or a black man were a sort of disability, this is not a compliment for us, I'm afraid it is a compliment for the hated white guys. Feminism is destroyed by the silly geese who have taken it. I was strolling around the internet and I found the page of the Friends of the Israeli Defence Force women's club. Apart from being philo-Palestine or philo-Israel which is not what I am discussing now, it is evident that women who want to count in society must consider themselves strong and capable, unless they are really disabled, to get somewhere, the feminism imposed in Europe and USA is that the woman is always victim of something, moreover they put the black and the handicapped in the middle as if anyone who's not a white healthy guy were an inferior human being these organized feminists have to protect. The Bahar Mustafa's presence at the Goldmith University is destructive, she's surrounded by very few people, all the others run away, she gave a conference at the University of London attended by a small group of followers, but dear, they were in London in a Uni it's evident that this kind of thing wasn't successful no matter the presence of the media, bystanders were few. She's proud of her being a woman, disabled, working class origins, ethnical minority and then? She may want the job as BBC whether forecast presenter, it's the club of the unlucky ones. God save. Successful people with a bit of pride have the tendency to run away. Moreover, here's a rather interesting video of the conference

while despising the white, calling them "white trash", she dyed her hair blond to look more like a white girl and sexed up her image showing the leg in a street sluttish style that may mean she's not a masculine lesbian after all, she doesn't like white guys, she might like the black, but be careful, she may sue you for rape if you look at her too much, she's sluttish for herself not to please you. I'm not joking, I post
an advertisement to push women to report sexual harassment on the tube, I thought it was a good thing, only they suggest women should sue men who look at them on the tube even if they don't get near them or don't touch them, I thought it was unbelievable, but watch by yourself: to be looked at is put on the same level of being touched or worse because "Whatever makes you feel uncomfortable" report it. I understand that if a guy looks at you intensely, with a bad face, may really make you feel uncomfortable, but if he doesn't follow you, do you really sue?