When I say that the BBC is communist, I am damningly right.

This is not just a link, but I promised you the best links from the web. Here's a Daily Mail article about how the BBC represented Churchill, who won the WWII, allowing the Britons to be free from the Nazi and the communists, as an alcoholist, enemy of the "people" and the main commenter was, in fact, an active communist. Everything paid by the british taxpayer. But since this is not the Daily Mail, I'll tell you whom you've got to hate, picked up from the Elite, for such communist hijacking of the national british television, this website is always about "Elite & Society" and we're proud of it. Well, Ladies first.

Rona Alison Fairhead, miserable looking old communist which, she's the Chair of the BBC Trust, the Britons pay her to push lies and various bad things about Churchill, to criticize the poppy installation at the Tower of London in remembrance of the heroes of WWI (the BBC even refused to broadcast the beautiful promotional video starring Joss Stone for the event). She was educated in Cambridge University, St. Catharine's College and Harvard. And this is the result.

Then the Gentlemen: This iena ridens of a smiling communist and traitor is Anthony William Hall Baron Hall of Birkenhead, "Tony" like Blair, he is the General Director of the BBC. Protector of paedophiles, enemy of Churchill and war heroes, contested the poppy installation like the guardianistas because it was too "nationalist" pushes shamelessly the Labour Party, with all british taxpayers' money (included the Tory's), lets lefty hecklers disturb the conservative speakers, not to mention Ukippers, at the political talk shows, no wonder that the Queen didn't invite the BBC at the last Garden Party she gave. She did right and it was high time. They are enemies of the
Britons, even with a typical english noble title, for some reasons we fail to understand, they do hate, or just don't care for greed, about the interest of the Nation. Greed is important as a reason for such crime against one's Country, don't forget, in fact, that, even if communists sell themselves as the friends of the people, communism was always supported by bankers.
In the eighties Lord Victor Rothschild (photo in black and white), father of Lord Jacob (phot below the black and white one), was publicly accused by Scotland Yard to be a spy for Sovietic Union among the British upper class and his french cousin Edouard de Rothschild (in the photograph at a Gucci event with a woman, sic, they are communists, but go at Gucci events) is the owner of the extreme lefty magazine Libération, on whose pages mass migration is promoted, while he personally lives in Israel which is super-militarized and immigration from
the arab countries is not tolerated, the publication is highly and vulgarly offensive towards christians
and pushes strongly the gay and trans agenda, which in Israel, again, is prohibited. But he doesn't care about Israel, he obviously cares about France, like his cousins care about Britain.
Thank you, at least if you take the time to hate the communists, you know who they are. 

Paola Distilo