Beyoncee is a feminist, but Anita Sarkeesian wants to prohibit sexy women in pop culture. Who's going to win?

There is something wrong in contemporary feminist culture, first of all there are no big names anymore, no one is comparable to Simone de Beauvoir or even Camille Paglia, no one writes, the feminists live on day by day through little, but ferocious, scandals, which is the only way for them to be noticed. Beyoncee is noticed for being as sexy as an erotic actress, Anita Sarkeesian is noticed because she wants normal to plain girls in pop culture instead of the sex bombs, and she wants it by law, therefore she's hated by the boys who enjoy video-games also thanks to the sexy girls portrayed in them. The last, but not the least, the Goldsmiths University's minorities' representants, Miss Bahar Mustafa, wants to "kill all white men". They seem a bunch of attention seekers. The worst thing is that instead of promoting freedom of expression they want censorship: banning words, banning sexy images in video-games, banning white men from supporting feminism (the few who try), I don't appreciate Milo Manara's sexy girls, but how could I support the prohibition to a male artist to portray his erotic dream the way he has it in mind, if there's no rape, and if there is rape it is the cruelty that has to be censored not the sexiness or
the beauty anyway, only because the girls painted by him are particularly beautiful and sexy? Shall we look all like envious little women who can't stand the vision of a model wearing a bikini or Lara Croft in Tomb Raider? It looks like the feminists are girls who hate women who are particularly beautiful and want to be sexy. The feminists are supporting the idea that obese women are beautiful the way they are instead of telling them to eat properly, and to remind them that some top model exists and may be hotter than they is "offensive". The use of modern feminism to promote censorship is wrong. On internet the websites that ridicule the feminists are very successful, males feel that everything they like is being prohibited even if the women involved are consensual. I mean that all the page three models were perfectly consensual in being sexy and half naked, they weren't used by men, they were part of the game, just like Beyoncee or Rihanna, they evidently enjoy being shockingly sexy, there isn't any exploitation whatsoever, they are not used and not forced, they enjoy the role. What do you do?
You hate them because they look good in a bikini? I don't want to end up like this, I understand Anita Sarkeesian, but I disagree with censorship and she must get it that many girls want to be sexy poster girls and men have their own fantasies you cannot judge as long as they don't damage anyone. But Sarkeesian claims they damage women's self esteem, as if watching a Dungeons and Dragons cartoon where the women warriors are dressed like porn stars and moreover fight were obligatory, I had friends at University who liked these things but they were normal boys, they liked them because they were very beautiful and, in the end, if in Canada the feminists can organize the slut-walk where normal looking women wear sexy outfits, what do we do? We prohibit top models and cartoonists to do what the average looking girl wants to be free to do? Same thing goes on for "rape culture". Rape culture is always in a college, always with a drunken woman who almost said yes, or can't remember, they never talk about "real" rapes, where the woman said no and she can remember, this is probably due to the fact that the feminists want a law about rape where the sole word of the woman is taken into consideration more than the sole word of the man. This is why they insist with cases that are at the limit between rape and consensual sex, where there's no evidence of anything. The porn actress Mercedes Carrera accused the feminists of not helping a colleague of hers who was raped really and of going on talking about such issues as twitter abuse as if they were rapes, and I add that they do it because they want to censor twitter and the social media too. So they claim: "Your freedom ends where my feelings begin.". Which is unacceptable. Even more unacceptable is the hate towards white males and the total pardon for the arab ones, Bahar Mustafa, ethnically arab and pro-palestians, never attacks arab men for what they do to women, she attacks white men who, on average, let their daughters and female members of the family in peace soon after they turn eighteen, and sometimes are even accused of not caring enough about what their daughters do. This is what happens in reality and this is why Bahar Mustafa is the one I really cannot stand, while sometimes I agree with Anita Sarkeesian, though I've got an allergy to censorship. This is the end of feminism, invented to "liberate" women, now is used to limit freedom of speech and freedom of behaviour of women who disagree with the feminists. You cannot be more beautiful than they, sexier than they, love men, wearing a bikini unless you're fat, no wonder men make money ridiculing them, see Evan Delshaw, and unfortunately, often, they are true.