Everybody in the Elite is pagan, from the Queen down. They worship a female divinity and want to introduce this cult in the Church of England.

Why don't they adore directly "Caitlyn" Jenner, former Bruce? The Illuminati exist and are invading the churches, the Church of England and also the Catholic Church are being ruined from the inside by all these priests and priestesses who are also initiated to whitchcraft and Druidism. Queen Mother, The Queen Elizabeth the II, Rowan Williams, former Canterbury's Archbishops are druids or whatever the hell is the name for the women, here's the fotographs of the druidic initiation ceremony of the Queen, when she was Princess of Wales, of Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Rowan Williams Canterbury's Archbishop. Evidently, to undergo a pagan initiation is required to all people who want to count in the Elite: they are pagan outside metaphor. Now ,
Rev Libby Lane, a woman bishop, behaves no less and no more than a pagan priestess and wants, publicly, to adore a female divinity inside the Church of England, also John Paul the second once said "God is a mother" and participated to a hindu ceremony saying it was good to keep peace in the world. But the God they have to adore is the God of Abraham, the Lord and Saint Paul said Father, Son and Holy Spirit, moreover Jesus Christ is the male son, not the female. The fuss they do about Bruce Jenner Caitlyn, included the "catholic" Maria Shriver of the Kennedy family, and about manspreading (they arrest the men who want to sit on the public transport with their legs slightly open, the fuss about feminism even in the silliest form, and the fuss they do now about calling God a woman and referring to God as "she" is the public expression of their paganism, which, in their mind is still secret, while there are plenty of photographs everywhere on the internet for everybody to see. Real christians should not give their money in taxes to these churches: we adore the God of Abraham, God of Isaac God of Jacob, we don't give our money to the pagans. Moreover we despise people who have a double face. Go and find another job. There are worse things going on about pagan rituals that are
bloody, according to David Icke, so it's not a big game, they do it really. As for Bruce Jenner, I am really sorry for him. He had a panic attack due to what he was doing to himself and asked a psychologist for help and the psychologist told him not to worry, to go on with the transition (??) that the panic attack was normal. He's probably used in upper class rituals styled on the Silence of the Lambs aztec cult where the adepts worship a transgender-god. And that witch of Maria Shriver is into it? Probably yes. Catholic, protestant, Jew for them are just cover religions.