Obama cries over ten dead people in Charleston, but now he wants a nuclear war against Putin.

The hypocrisy of the politicians is astonishing: they're crying over ten people shot in Charleston and would like to change the American Constitution for that, hopefully they won't do it, but now the very same people are setting up a world war three against russians, a war during which there would be millions of russians and europeans and american soldiers dead and they don't care. They care about Charleston because they want an excuse for gun control and they call "gun law" what's not a law in reality it's a constitutional right. The americans have, first of all freedom of speech, with the First Amendment, soon after, they've got freedom of carrying firearms, with the Second amendment, second is a big place, it is second only to free speech: this is America, this is why America works like this, and to the ones who claim the Second Amendment doesn't include the right to carry war weapons, it's untrue, that was done on purpose to allow the free citizens to carry weapons in case of war, it's not misinterpreted, it's done in case of invasion by a foreign army, so all american free men and women automatically transform themselves into soldiers and it's easier to win: it's a warrior culture like Israel and as like Switzerland and stop. Obama cries, but what about Russia? how many million dead civilians and soldiers would there be in case of real war NATO versus Russia? and what for? Europe would be bombed, Putin is doing nothing against us, so the NATO would in reality be the aggressor. let's talk about this f***ing elite, that we must change, because yes, we must change elite once and for all since this we've got now does not represent us. Nat Rothschild owns UBER and dares not allow Uber users in the USA to carry guns, now Nat Rothschild is no one to step over the Second Amendment of the American Constitution, it's him who hasn't got to make money in the USA if he doesn't like the Laws of that Country, not the reverse, moreover the rule wouldn't apply to his own bodyguards who enter vehicles with guns to eventually protect him, moreover he chose Switzerland to hide in  and in Switzerland there's the same gun law they've got in the USA. The usual hypocrite and double standards rich ones. The day Nat Rothschild says his own bodyguards cannot carry guns to defend him, he might be able to talk, not now. The rich ones want to dominate you through the State. One rule for them and one for the pariah, they like the indian system, we don't, we like democracy. And let's talk about other two elitists, the good ones, the nice ones, the ecologists who did break the balls to the entire planet about an almost inexistent Global Warming, they managed to convince the Pope to write an Encyclical about it, they want people to go on foot not to create pollution, I'm talking about David the english Rothschild and Goldsmith: a nuclear war would intoxicate the planet, Europe and Russia at the centre of the new intoxication, are they going to try and stop it or is it just a going on foot ecologism? They are relatives of the ones who are pushing the useless and unjust war on Putin. And the reasons of this war is allowing Rothschild and Soros taking over russian banking system and eliminate the alternative pole of power Russia represents now. Snowden without Russia would be tortured in Guantanamo (Obama didn't stop the tortures) everybody who contradicts the elitist agenda about gay pride, gender and immigration would be excluded from politics, because they don't allow any bank under their control to finance it, right wing parties in Europe are financed by the russian, Greece would fall apart, because the BCE and the IMF wanted to destroy Greece and pushed a devastating Grexit, they came back to save it, only because Putin told the greek Prime Minister that eventually Russian banks may finance the greek recovery, so, not to allow Putin extend russian power and influence over Greece, they, Draghi and Laguarde came back and said they would save Greece with the BCE and the IMF, but this will probably push Brexit, because the britons cannot accept to pay for every default. This is it, thanks, and to all the trolls who'll say this is anti-semitic, no it isn't and if it were it would be the least dangerous thing, but it's not, I'm not anti-sionist and for me Israel can keep all the guns they like, I tell you more, I not so secretly esteem the Israeli because they are resisting the gay agenda longer than other westerners, maybe because they know what this is all about, they had to tolerate a slut-walk in Jerusalem, Israel is West: they have the slut-walk, which is the punishment for being westerners probably, but they resist a little more, maybe because they're luckier or because they're stronger or because they know them better.