Osborne is right it should be illegal for a Government to bring a Country in a state of deficit. And Grexit is the evidence of it.

George Osborne is an elitist and goes to the Bilderberg every year, but I must admit I agree with many points of his politics and I am not the only one. Probably Osborne looks and sounds more elitist than he really is because of his upbringing, to try and speak cockney anyway wouldn't be a solution, the solution is to pay attention to the effects on reality. We can't make debts and then say we don't want to pay, society doesn't work like this, but the democratically elected politicians cannot make debts in the name of the citizens and then, raise their own personal wage and run away to Monte Carlo leaving the others in troubles, no. It should be illegal to play the Santa Klaus of politics with state-money that don't exist and leave the debts to the same citizens you gave the money to, like Tony Blair did and like what's left of the Left is trying to do. Matteo Renzi, who's like Blair, but less intelligent, so it's easier to stop him, gives €1.000 per month to the immigrants, from the italian money and cuts jobs in the public sector and diminishes the rights of the workers because we have debts. Do you think I'm bad? No, I'm not bad, as Theresa May knows very well, Matteo Renzi and Federica Mogherini are drastically refusing to distinguish between eventual war refugees and clandestine immigrants, give the money to everybody and want to impose this to France too, which France and the other european countries, rightly, refuse; they do it "à la Blair", I give them state money and if you refuse it you're racist, fortunately Renzi can be stopped because he's not a genius, probably the Left won't win in Italy for the next seventy years (if this is left btw). He wants to make debts and leave the problem of the deficit to the next generation and wash his hands of it. Like this, Italy becomes like Greece: we can't say we don't pay or we'll be out 1st class economy, if you don't pay you become a third world Country.