Slutwalk feminists make me vomit.

The ugliest thing I've ever seen is the slutwalk, self complacent ugly girls who think, for some strange blindness of theirs to be sexy, or hot, or provocative: I've never seen anything so utterly ugly. I'm not a man, but do men really feel sexually aroused by such visions? There isn't one, I say one who's even only pretty and they say they're hot. In my Country, my Country is Italy, to be hot takes more than this, much more, in Italy they would go all with the ugly ones. Some of them look like a publicity for cellulite, the others look like cheap prostitutes ten pounds each time. To take more you must be much better, I'm not joking. Then some anorexic ones in the middle, so this is feminism: ugly women and abortion. And the rape thing, where are all these rapes they fight against? I can see only self complacent women who think to be sexual objects, but they look terrifying. A blind drunk man may even think about having sex with one of them, but he has to drink a lot or he wouldn't get near, I mean, what's hot? Till you don't see it you don't understand it, but now, as an italian, I finally understand why supermodels are paid so much, because the average woman, if those are the average, in sexy outfits looks horrible, more horrible than in other clothes. And don't tell me this is patriarchy, this happens to be the truth, like Bruce Jenner is a male is the truth and like Tony Blair is a traitor is the truth. The truth is the big enemy of the lefty liberals. The language they use is ugly as well, badwords, midfinger gesture, who told: "this is the end of beauty"? a telegraph journalist who happened to be sincere for once and yes, this is it. I've got nothing to do with them, nor I intend to share anything with them in the future.