The Rebels, the Police and why we right wing intellectuals must explain to the Police that they are getting it wrong.

I'm a right winger and I like the Police, I like people who do the military service, so, generically, without any real reason than not instinct, some people like it, some people don't. The gotha is using the police against the interests of the Nation in Austria indeed: these people at the Bilderberg, they are the ones who are imposing immigration to Europe, Austria included, they are the ones who are promoting drugs, gay adoption and cuts in the public sector jobs, police included. They are the enemy of the police officers who want to keep faithful to the nation, the democratically elected politicians who are in the middle are being paid, corrupted by the private billionaires to undo the national state, make national borders fall apart, the way they managed to do in Italy sending Carlo De Benedetti, a servant/friend of the Rothschilds, to give orders to the italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to fill Italy with immigrants and then to send them to other european countries, Austria included. Austrian police officers, when you see the anti-bilderberg reporters give a hand to them, particularly Charlie Skelton of the Guardian with the photographer who'll be with him, Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars and allow them filming and photographing the event. I can swear that they won't talk if you help.  I'm a right winger, I understand you, but you are used in the wrong side.  Moreover, all this thing is paid with taxpayers' money, taxpayers have the right to know what's going on, and if it is privately paid, we've got the right to know who's paying such luxury for our prime ministers and what do they want to buy with this. It is serious, Think about Austria if you don't think about me. They intend to destroy it just like the rest of Europe. 

Ich kann auch ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen, diese Leute des Bilderbergs wollen die ganze Oeuropa kaputt machen, sie sind gegen die Nationen fur die totale Globalisierung  und sie die Politiker gegen die Staatsinteresse kaufen.

Vielen Danke.