We must find a solution for Libya.

Berlusconi was right, Gaddafi should remain there, but now he's not there and, for the sake of Europe we must find a solution for Libya. First of all I'm glad to listen to the news that the ones who are not war refugees will be rightly repatriated. All Europe should work like Switzerland, because we can't all emigrate there, I like Switzerland as ski resort and I'm glad that many swiss love Italy for summer holiday, but I have no will to "move" there and I say with all friendship. So, also the rest of Europe must be organized like the swiss organize Switzerland. First of all, no matter how many Jews or ethnical minorities they have inside their land, the Swiss didn't renegade Jesus Christ and wrote on the Constitution that Christianity is a basic aspect of swiss culture, though no church has got the status of official church. Then they've got the cross on the flag, so, first of all, no matter if Rothschild or DeBenedetti ask for the swiss nationality, they don't renegade the Lord, and I am convinced that the Lord blesses them for this. Then the immigration/nationality system is meant not to make the country crash down, it's not automatic to get the swiss nationality, if one doesn't comply with the swiss culture doesn't get it. Military service is obligatory, and they've got the right to carry guns like the americans. Everybody wants to do like Switzerland, but if you tell them to do these things in their own country they say no "in my Country it cannot be applied." Then it is untrue that they want to do like Switzerland. Let's go back to us; it is proven that some arab countries are very rich, like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, so the muslim war refugees should be sent there and not in Europe, they are already muslims and they've got money enough to support them, we won't have the problem of the muslim immigrants who want to build mosques in Europe, or that they don't like the Christmas Tree. The other refugees, the vudu ones may be sent to India, where the indian billionaires can pay for them, why shouldn't they? I am convinced that yesterday someone took a little Paola-doll and did something to it because I had an unexpected bleeding, not that I'm going to die for it, but I don't want anymore wizards and witches. As for Libya, the NATO armies in Iraq tortured, so I can't say I trust the americans, can't we set up another mild dictator? Come on, one who doesn't kill christians, lets women ride a bicycle or drive and doesn't torture anyone in the dungeons. It would be enough for us to go on holiday there. 

We are proud to offer a job as middle eastern moderate dictator, no torture, a bit secularist, fluent english and arab, to fill recent vacancy in Libya. No sodomization at discharge.
To apply for this job send cv to the EU headquarter in Brussels.