Why the Republic is always better than a monarchy.

 No matter how elegant, luxurious and superficially beautiful the monarchy seems, it's always a twisted thing. The parade of the Windsors in London is certainly an eye candy, but in reality all the people who are parading there feel entitled to commit crimes and not to go to prison for them, like you and I. The british press lies knowingly about prince Charles and Jimmy Savile, making believe that Charles was so ingenuous (Charles ingenuous?) that Savile somehow tricked him. It's the reverse: Savile was the dog at his leash, the Prince gave power to Savile not the opposite. The monarchy creates a situation where, if you really want to process for crimes a royal you shame the entire country and too many state-officers don't do it, this brings the royals to feel entitled to do as if the laws and morality for them didn't count. Too many kids were raped by upper class Britons and they didn't get justice because, the more you investigate the more the track brings to some royals, for a sort of "justice inside the unjustice" they don't arrest anyone, you don't touch the Prince and you don't touch the dog at his leash either. To ask Charles about his knowledge of the activities of Savile would mean putting the entire system on a trial and if it is found, what probably happened, that the paedophile orgies were done in the royal Palaces, Britain should end all the monarchy thing and set up a Republic. Not to do so, either they accept to have a paedophile king or they kick him off. At the moment, the british press found as a solution to pict Charles as a very stupid person who could really not understand: they offend his intelligence not to have to admit that he knew it and maybe was part of it. It's like those catholics who don't want to admit that in the Vatican they couldn't possibly not know that Savile was a paedophile, come on boys, he was their pimp. No, they insist with the least credible theory: that they were ingenuous, yes, those ingenuous at the Vatican... those other ingenuous at Buckingham Palace.... on the press they're clever instead. The best thing is be to be Protestant and Republican you don't owe them anything and you arrest them, since some people insist beyond any logic being catholic and being monarchist they should clean it up, unless they want to offer children in sacrifice to the bad king, but this is not Saint George's nation.