Donald Trump & Randal Paul must join forces, we must form a block too hard for the liberals to break.

I like Trump and I like Paul and I think it's useless for them to be one against the other, Trump may be President now and Paul later on, but the people who are favourable to normalize the situation in western countries now must unite. I want the 80ies and the nineties to come back, plus internet and technology obviously, because the liberal power has got more disgusting that we've ever imagined: corruption, orgies, gay power and mass clandestine immigration, plus more abortions and transexuals overall their media, their media not mass media, 'cause we are mass media too. 
Donald Trump makes me feel fine: he's normal, he says normal things, yes, uncontrolled immigration brings crime and people are undetectable, the liberals everywhere, also in Europe accuse of racism people who want to check and identify and eventually repatriate illegals, while in Italy already 5.000 children of illegal migrants have disappeared because their parents didn't want to be identified with their children and the italian State, run by the Left, let them do. I don't care about the leftists' excuses: they disgust me and stop. I feel disgusted anytime I force myself into reading what they're doing on their media, it's like I have to check, but it's become an unpleasant task: there are only transgenders and kissing lesbians and absurd articles about how nice it is to be a child of a gay couple. Sometimes some journalists try to make some real child of gay couple talk, but it's getting like abortion, they don't let women who had a real abortion talk, because they didn't like it, and invent false stories. Those are not "the" media and they will fall, people follow new prophets and intellectuals on the internet and the internet is free. 
After damaging children with gay adoption, which is scandalous and must be prohibited, and abortions and late term abortions, the liberals play the scandalized ones because a man says "colored people" the same expression used by the Kennedys in their foundation "for the advancement of colored people", but in front of
the Kennedys they shut up (the Kennedys own them), they can say it, Cumberbatch can't. I want to be clear about Kennedy, we don't know why he got shot, the accusation of communism are anyway not a fairy tale, his wife Jaquelyn in Capri was always around with card owning communists. The Kennedys are NWO, they are pioneers of this new habit of pushing clandestine immigration and are related to the Vatican, I'm sorry for people who like them. Disgusting at any level. 
But why we shouldn't just join forces, the forces of the good, why can't we have Trump-Paul as Republican candidates for President and Vice-President? Maybe Rand may become candidate President the next bid. I mean we really need to win, we want to win, we must win. And many people who now are lefty, because they are ashamed of saying that we are right, will be happy that we won and put order into this mess. We'll do it for them too and they'll be happy too, no matter the stories they tell themselves about how much they like immigration and feminist "art" or be arrested for saying "coloured" instead of "people of colour" or anything else these crazy lefty spin doctors and intellectuals have invented because, forgive me, but they are mental tossers. And if you don't believe me read this infowars article about what in the liberal universities is deemed racism and tell me if you can find a better  definition for this liberal "professor" than the one I thought. In normal times people would just call an ambulance and send him back to the psychiatric hospital where they all run away from. Normal times will come back.