Evan Delshaw and Lauren Southern or the power of the initiative. The proven evidence that people who can work, they work.

"Privileged" is funny and serious at the same time. Against prickly feminism and for men's self esteem and rights, it is instructive and enjoyable. First rule, if you feel disconnected with the culture of television and the historic press: connect with others who feel the same. When Evan does things seriously he looks like a BBC or CNN anchorman, he bothers to shave, wears jacket and tie, talks a neutral english, neither posh nor rough. He would work for some national canadian or US broadcasting company if the situation were different, and in the future the situation must be different. 
Also Lauren Southern, a canadian student of communication who's working at therebel.media looks like she may have a future as a professional anchorwoman and journalist, she's against the concept that rape-culture is in the colleges and not, as it is really, among the african and asian communities where girls, and also boys are raped and no one goes to jail, which is a trend of western countries's courts to stop radically, because no white, asian or african can rape and stop, and the punishment must be the same, the latest scandal of this sort happened in Sweden where a somali young man raped a twelve years old and the swedish judges let him go with 18o hours of community work, somali women living in Sweden say they are more in danger in Sweden than in Mogadishu because when they are abused by somali men nothing happens and no one helps them. This is the real "rape culture" and this must be eradicated totally. 
So, these internet media journalists, Lauren and Delshaw are among the best, but what if the big ones of the big media don't call them? Or call them but ask them to turn into what they hate most, left wingers? To go on working on the web and become really big is eventually possible, with some tips. If you want to be big, you've got to look professional, the tendency of the people who work from home is that either they work too much or they work too little, I was told to edit some of my pieces that actually have no paragraphs and I didn't do it for the banal reason I haven't got to do it forcefully and I just didn't do it, we are privileged the internet media's folk, we can do what we like, but if we don't do it seriously people don't take us seriously, and people need us. People need me, need Alex Jones, who's one of the few who's being really professional with his crew, people need to see female journalists like Lauren Southern who doesn't want to send all men to jail but wants to respect and be respected, because also women have to respect, people, females to laugh, but men to survive, need Evan Delshaw's programs. 
People need us and we must do it better, for them and also for ourselves. We are westerners not controlled by freemasonry and we'll never be controlled by the sect, because we already know who and what they are, we know why they do this, it's something we cannot come to terms with. To all the men who intend to commit suicide for feeling misunderstood, arrested unjustly, deprived of the right to see one's children and for all the others, men and women, who want to laugh and to listen to something that finally makes sense, check your privilege. Often.