ISIS elite, the ones with balaclava, look too much like professional soldiers. Don't take a rest on Ramadan. Burn witches. Are they muslims?

I've never considered myself a conspiracy theorist. Anyway I don't handle mentally this ISIS thing very well, the balaclava elite is no muslim scum. I may even say it as a compliment if it weren't so dangerous. We don't know precisely their ethnicity, they're not short, they look in fact taller than average, they are physically well built, they probably eat well and do fitness, they, tremendously, can stand still, don't walk hanging about, keep the same distance from one another in the line, are not emotional when they cut heads: they are professional soldiers, and now, who prepared them? Which State, I mean. Mine? Yours? Saudi Arabia? Assad? Israel? Who? 
The typical asian scum filling the usual islamic terrorist groups are not like this, they walk hanging here and there sometimes with one shoulder higher than the other, are ruthless, not particularly big, don't wear balaclava and are very loudly, shout and get emotional when they kill someone. I didn't want to write this, but this is what I really think, that ISIS are not real terrorists, as for the balaclava wearing elite I mean, as for the others, who do look like islamic terrorists, they don't wear any balaclava in fact, because for them it doesn't make any sense not to show their face. This is my impression, that one State set them ready, but to guess which is the State organizing this slaughter all across the middle east is difficult and it would create a very big diplomatic problem if we found it out (which doesn't mean we mustn't). Some people would say the Mossad, some people Saudi Arabia, some others the CIA or departments maybe of the fallen Libya, but Libya used to be quite a modern arab country, I had libyan friends in 2001 and they were nice guys perfectly at ease in a western modern country, no muslim integralists whatsoever, the army of Libya was known for being modern, I hope they are not going to say it's Syria, because I know they want to make Assad fall down and I don't want this, because it would be another catastrophe like Libya and God save. Why should Assad be against himself? Why the attack in Tunisia? Are they going to destroy all northern Africa? What for? For the NWO or for the Islamic State? The moderate muslims refuse to call this slaughterers Islamic State and asked us to call it DAESH which means more or less "scum that destroys everything" in arab, because there were many muslims killed, bombs inside mosques and I understand their refusal to call it Islamic State, moreover they pointed out these people don't respect Ramadan and did witch burning which is a practice that does not exist in muslim tradition. Let's call it DAESH then, certainly they are this.