We don't legalize gay weddings because the Supreme Court would add the right to gay adoption and this damages the children.

If we legalized gay weddings, stating that that does not include adoption, you bet that the Supreme Court would rule that, according something written in the Constitution only they can read, the right to adoption is included in the concept of gay marriage and give them children, then they would say a lot of other "consequential things" that we don't want, the way they did in Holland and Belgium, where the doctors kill the patients who didn't sign any euthanesia agreement. Because freemasonry tries to use you until you agree with them, then to trick you for the rest. 
Babies who are given to gay couples are not orphans, they are sold by the mother to the gay couple ever since they are newborn and they cry, but the satanic masons who are bringing about this don't care about crying babies, they always put you in front of a crying adult, a crying pregnant woman who wants an abortion or a crying gay, but towards the babies they are pitiless. "Who told you that a baby needs a mother? Who told you that only a genetically female can be a mother? You are transphobic. In the convent where we were educated to be priests we were all males and we did a lot of sodomitic orgies and I liked it so, who are you to tell others what a baby likes?" because as I explained in another article there are catholic satanic priests who are leading all this pro gay movement through the Knights of Malta and through Freemasonry. 
We don't legalize anything, because it's untrue that it doesn't affect our lives, they want to make it compulsory to get mixed with their things as they did in Britain, and they must change this attitude against anti-gay people, gays would be given children, even babies by the judges as a constitutional consequence, about gay issues they don't even want to listen to conscientious objection's reason as it is with abortion, in fact, as for abortion, if you don't want to get mixed with it you can and don't lose any job or money and this is right. 
Many honest homosexuals said they are against gay adoption because they would never have wanted to have to live without the mother, I know sometimes I'm offensive and the day after I apologize, but I want to tell them that I consider them very courageous and probably, from them, this courage is worthy more than from me: we should stay united and forgive one another, protect children and think that, as for sex, grown ups should be able to deal with it, the important thing is that no one is forced into doing things they don't like, the rest, either it's marriage or it' s a sin and that's a problem for God not for me to judge.