Austria, Germany and Sweden must declare that they won't take not even one more refugee on their territory and they'll help people in Turkey: it is the only way out.

Austria, Germany and Sweden must stop playing the fools at europeans expenses, if they want to play mother Theresa of Calcutta they must help the poor outside Europe, Mother Theresa, in the end helped them in Calcutta not in Stockholm.
Can you remember what happened in Saudi Arabia this summer? Too many people wanted to reach the black stone of Mecca and they died suffocated: this is what will happen if the stupid "saints" of Sweden, Germany and Austria don't stop now  saying they'll take more refugees: I mean, they must say Not even one more or everybody will try.

God has understood you are good, but now stop. Give the money to save lives in Turkey and Tunisia, I beg your pardon: you are destroying Europe. Maybe Cameron is more merciful than you and certainly cleverer.

The refugees, and the immigrants are behaving like the muslim pilgrims to Mecca, they want to reach the core of Europe, because they were told their lives will be saved, they are to many and they are crashing down themselves and damaging the countries they pass through, they behave as if Sweden, Germany and Austria were the black stone that if they touch it or "stone the devil" their lives will be happier and they're ending up like those pilgrims. Dead and moreover Europe is getting damaged by them.

It's a simple consideration, but Juncker, Renzi and Angela Merkel plus the swedish gotha, included the royal academy that wanted to give the nobel prize for peace to Merkel, are entirely controlled by freemasonry.
Some because they are inept, like Renzi, and without freemasonry they wouldn't get the job, others, like Merkel, because they were spied on, the globalists found something embarrassing or illegal about them and now they are probably being blackmailed, and don't resign. Others because they are stupid convinced globalists.

Do you really want to see Matteo Renzi's curriculum vitae? It is embarrassing for Italy, but we italians didn't vote him, he was imposed by the former communists of the PD party who did the electoral campaign with another candidate, Bersani, who promised completely different things than Renzi then would do. And this should be illegal, by the way.

It is a ridiculous curriculum if you consider that this man has the power to impose Europe the number and the quality of the next generation of immigrants, but here it is, Matteo Renzi's political experience from Wikipedia:

Matteo Renzi (Italian pronunciation: [matˈtɛːo ˈrɛntsi]; born 11 January 1975) is an Italian politician who has served as thePrime Minister of Italy since 22 February 2014 and the Secretary of the Democratic Party since 15 December 2013.[1][2]He was previously the President of Florence Province from 2004 to 2009 and the Mayor of Florence from 2009 to 2014.[3][4]
So, he graduated at University then he was:

President of the province of Florence;

Mayor of Florence;

Prime Minister.

I mean, he wasn't even elected in Parliament.

A man with this curriculum should in the masons' opinion choose and decide how many immigrants Germany and Sweden should take.