Erdogan wants to legalize ISIS, Merkel treats him like a honorable person.

There is something that Right wingers can't stand: the double measure the freemasonry-controlled media and lefty/freemasonry-controlled politicians use about telling crimes. They tell a crime only if they can use it politically. In Italy there's a scandal about a discreet order the italian police and carabinieri received "from a not named authority above" which tells them not to talk or release information about the crimes committed by asylum seekers and immigrants; the link is in italian, but you can see the gravity of the situation; the same lefty/mafia criminal order was given accordingly to the Sweden Democrats - true patriots who will save Sweden - to the swedish police about the rapes and assaults led by immigrants, muslim foreigners or non white swedish citizens and asylum seekers.

So the lefty mafia that overtalks any gun crime and any racist word knows perfectly the high number of truly disgusting crimes committed by the muslim gangs and the male immigrants and wants silence, this means they are in bad faith: they are wrong and they know it.

The crimes, in Italy, Sweden and Germany are due to the facts that up to 90% of the immigrants who want the refugee status are not kids, children or vulnerable persons, but males in active age, they are aggressive, they want more, they are not thankful for what they get because in my opinion they are not escaping from extreme poverty or war. Look at this photograph, it says, in disarticulated italian "too shit Charitas" "no pasta and rice", the asylum seekers want money not protection from bombs and food: "We don't want pasta and rice, we want documents, too shit caritas" this is what this banner says.
The right wingers are outragedbut the mafia led Left wants to prohibit to tell the truth. They must be arrested because they are filling Europe with african and asian men, perfectly healthy, for no reason, are breaking the laws about immigration from inside the institutions, want to diminish freedom of speech not to be criticized and are criminally abusing the law that gives protection to war refugees. Moreover they are asking police, from within the institutions, to cover the crimes produced by their crazy immigration policy. This is something that must end. Clearly they did a conspiracy really.

Erdogan asked to be free to open an embassy of Daesh, being Daesh another name for ISIS, in Istanbul, because it is a reality we should in his opinion deal with. Angela Merkel goes and talks to him as if he were a respectable person, to beg him not to send immigrants, Greece is considered inexistent, in reality we mustn't "ask" Erdogan anything, people who cross the Turkish/Greek border illegally must be sent back to Turkey directly from Kos, this is the only honorable thing to do. I stick to the principle that the identification of the people who want the refugee status must be done in Turkey and Tunisia and the ones deemed having-right cannot choose the State that gives them asylum, there cannot be "Either Sweden or nothing" attitude or it means they are not really in dire straits, they are just people who want to emigrate to a specific country and they will call your aid "shit" "merda" the way they are doing in Italy. I hate them and the people who created this situation must be arrested whether they be George Soros or Renzi or the Ayn Rand institute or Goldman Sachs or them all.

In the meantime things go on in Syria, Assad may be elected President of Syria and then accepted by Israel and the rest of UN countries as legitimate president of Syria, we'll see, maybe they have done the three-partition bargain as I proposed to put an end to the conflict.