Also the Iranian claim the status of refugee. But it has become immaterial: we mustn't take one.

Predictably everybody who wants to immigrate to Europe claims to be a refugee. From Iran, no, they're no refugees, they're just another group of iranian muslims who want to move to Paris - or Belgium - to live there like muslims and islamifying Europe. Valls is right: we don't take any more "migrants". Neither refugees nor immigrants. They claim "I want to go in a free country", no, thanks to you our countries are not so free anymore. In London, the ex swinging London, women are insulted by cab drivers for going out at night. In London? Yes. Muslim european citizens women and men are destroying what used to be free countries the very same way they destroyed the muslim countries in the middle east, if we let you in and you stay muslim, you'll transform Paris into Iran ,then, stay in Iran.
Do you know why we are more comfortable, we are "luckier" than the others? Because we are lay christian. If we were muslims, like you, our countries would have no freedom, like yours. With or without Christ is not the same. You don't want Him? You can choose, but then you must face the consequences of your choices. We mustn't allow Europe to be colonized by Islam and this is a declared political aim. It's the marxist Jews who claim we can't say that Europe is "christian" because they are not and they have lived in Europe using all the benefits that widespread christianity always gives if it is the dominant religion, but despise their "brother Jesus" and now I'm sick, they can fuck off to Israel if they don't like Christianity, I'm sick of them all. If their promised land is somewhere, it was never here. Christianity must be re-institutionalized all across Europe and we don't need to appoint an official church for that, we can keep it the swiss way where Christianity is the religion of the Country, but no church is the official.
And politicians must stop saying that islamism's got nothing to do with Islam. Average Islam already brings excess of bigotry, the man who insulted Frances Barber was not a muslim terrorist, he's a muslim middle class man, educated muslim women call sluts the average christian woman, as I stated here, the problem is the average Islam not only radical Islam, at least for the western standard. We mustn't build mosques and we must dis-mantel the muslim enclaves and for maximum security we must also abolish the possibility to have a double nationality.