Corbyn and Icke Vs the European Union. It's not only a matter of Right Wing: People with their eyes open call it like they see it.

Jeremy Corbyn is a lefty socialist who cannot possibly like the European Union, in his own words what he thinks about it; the only difference with me is that he still thinks it can be reformed. I hoped for long it could be reformed, I voted for it because I didn't understand what they were doing, because I used to be a nice good girl and I didn't dare and read what the prohibited intellectuals, deemed "fascist" or extreme leftists had to say. In Italy they were stigmatized, once I saw a socialist intellectual accused of being a fascist and be like the ones who did the holocaust, seriously, only because he contested that the euro currency could be fitting the italian economy, it didn't fit, the people who were wrong sometimes dare and say sorry openly, but in the nineties the situation was of witch hunting, now it is different but I hope it isn't too late. I learnt to read and to listen to the prohibited ones, from Corbyn to the BNP to Icke and the reptilians my new motto is "I think I can handle it, thanks, sir, if you consider me socially unacceptable I'll be glad not to take a coffee with you. I believe I will survive." It's the only way I've got to forgive myself to have damaged my country with a vote that destroyed it. But to feel fine I'll have to do more: I've got to rescue it.
Now, let's go listen to Corbyn, I want to know whether he thinks now that it can be reformed, the EU, if the claw gets too tight, before you reform it they have strangled you, I would exit. Then we can make international trading pact without EU in the middle: here's Jeremy Corbyn
Yes, they strangle us while helping corporations not to pay taxes in tax heavens, now they do more: they want us to pay the corporations. I don't see what means he has for reforming it, be careful Jeremy because this dragon will crash you down before you can reform it.

David Icke is a step beyond: he doesn't believe the EU can be reformed, any way Tusk told David Cameron, even the mild reforms he had asked cannot be accepted so they'll have to be even milder, Mario Draghi chief of the European Central Bank - always the bank - said the EU's currency is the euro and the countries outside the euro are supposed to join in the future which is a disaster. Here's the link to David Icke's opinion about what Cameron is really doing. He thinks Cameron is doing a big farce because he wants or he's ordered by the "masters" to stay in the EU.

Will Corbyn campaign for Brexit? Icke is a "fan" of Corbyn, I understand that Corbyn and the leftists are scared of helping the bad nationalists if they leave, but when the EU's masters will show that's a big deal to try and reform them what will Corbyn do? Regret it? Like me? Do it now, because now you can do it, in ten years of EU going fast in the destruction of Britain and the concept of it, you won't have a home to save.
Are you scared of the Nats? I was scared of the Nats too and this is the result I voted for the eurozone because everybody who stood up against it for the lira was branded aggressively a fascist. I defy you, Corbyn, Left wingers, good girls look at what dangerous things your Nats say: Look at it, listen to it, the depraved Nats: One is an ex teacher who wants the state to provide for the british veterans left homeless because they are not syrian refugees and happen to be white, in a country that gives benefits for breasts implants to crazy girls, it's true and you know it, and another is a sophisticated right wing politician graduated in Cambridge who doesn't want to be taken for a fool and doesn't accept money to pretend. Yes, he's obsessive with the "white" thing, but I heard Harvard professor, Noel Igniatiev saying really that they want to make it impossible for the legacy of whiteness to reproduce itself; At Harvard. I also felt that Nick Griffin was racist the first time I heard him talk, until I heard and read Noel Igniatiev's statements and actually I had to admit that, as strange as it seems, in academic ambients this anti-white intellectual rubbish really exists and actually Griffin didn't invent it. Watch them, they talk for themselves:
Adam Walker about refugees and homeless britons:

Nick Griffin about Syria. Now, I partially agree with what he says, partially disagree, The very important thing is that people listen to everybody without any psychological submission to the bbc or RAI or establishment-controlled media. People make mistakes: we all do. The biggest mistake is not to listen to a person or not to read a book because the establishment wants to make you feel silly or racist or bad because you want to know.