Face it, it's not the islamists who are changing Europe, it's the marxist Jews who let them in.We must get rid of them from Rothschild down.

You don't want to say it but you know it, it's the marxist jews who are pulling the strings of all this mass immigration to Europe. The muslims are being let in or better brought in by them, politicians, intellectuals, writers but you don't want to say it: The Economist, The labour, Tony Blair, the whole of the lefty press it's the marxist jews who want to impose "open doors". And they all take strength, money, position from Rothschild. 
This is why it's Rothschild with all their colonels that must be eliminated. We must be honest enough to set David Irving free from jail and give the marxists jews a kick in their ass and send them to Israel.
The London Evening Standard Theatre Awards In Partnership With The Ivy - After Party
LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 22: Frances Barber was insulted by a sharia cab driver in London
It's they and you know it, the muslims alone would never get in and the more assassination, sharia laws, women insulted, the more the marxist jews talk about stopping racism and go on letting the muslims do because they don't give a damn about us. Get it, it's true, it's true, ok? Wake up.
It's Israel that wants the wars in the middle east and the marxist jews pull their puppets to do wars in the middle east, now they want to make the SUN shut the mouth, because it said that one in fifth muslims back ISIS, yes, of course, in Italy the moderate muslims organized a manifestation in support of Paris victims and it was a flop, there were very few people and moreover they shouted no "islamophobia" "no terrorism, yes to the mosques, no islamophobia". Their big thought is "You deserve it, sluts and you who bomb muslim countries". This is it. 
Set Irving free and the Sun should shout even more: the marxist jews are bringing the muslims in to destroy us. You can see it, it's they, so please.
"In interview to Haaretz, French philosopher - Bernard Henry levy - says failed integration is not impetus for jihadism, and claims offensive must destroy, not contain, ISIS: 'They tried to make Israel live in fear. Now it’s France under attack."

They wanted Europe to endure what Israel is enduring this is why they pull immigrants from islamic countries into ours and they want the white christians to endure what the jews had to.  It is true and they have the money of the Rothschild to do this, that never-ending flood of money.
Marxist jews want: open doors to immigration, no signs of official christianity in society and wars in the middle east on behalf of Israel but without saying it's for Israel. Since It's Rothschild that gives them strength, it's Rothschild that must be destroyed. Starting from their scandalous control on the currency that mustn't be allowed.