Hollande and Obama must not obey Israel on Putin and Assad.

This is what Netanyahu and the israelis think about Hollande, Obama, you and me: idiots easy to manipulate into doing what they the israelis like and then "we can dry up" for them. For the israelis there are only two types of people: jews and goym; if they could, they would treat us the way they treat the palestinians and it is not unlikely that they have already done it. They don't give a damn about us, in their mentality all the non jews are to be tricked or even "inferior":

Now that it is proven that the israeli prime Minister is a son of a bitch, and terrifies the palestinians on purpose and thinks the americans can be easily manipulated it's high time for Obama to show he's not that easy to manipulate. And also for Hollande.
I want to be clear with the dear white and black christians, it is my conviction that if the israelis could they would do to us what they're doing to the palestinians, at the moment they can't, but there are evidences that the israeli lobbyists divert millions of dollars from the USA to Israel and moreover move the american army where Israel wants. The marxist jewish intellectuals who took over the ivy league are making a psychological war against white christians and straight boys that's impossible to tolerate any further, Soros, another billionaire marxist jew has been found paying for the Ferguson racial clash, the black american who deny being object of racism and have white friends get silenced because they don't fit in the Soros agenda. All these people, as I explained in this article here take strength by Rothschild/Goldman Sachs/Soros money. Rothschild is the same bank that supply Israel with money. Why does Israel want to get rid of Assad and possibly also of Putin? For the Golan Heights and for letting their founding fathers control the russian central bank.
Israel pretends not to have anything to do with this, they claim Hezbollah receives arms by Iran through Syria: it's untrue, everybody can see that the palestinians are left fighting with such weapons as stones and scissors, there isn't one gun left in their hands and they get shot to death for menacing armed soldiers with stones and scissors, the lethal weapons.
Obama and Hollande must show the world they are not puppets, don't do the war against Russia and Assad. As for terrorism, we must control the immigration from muslim areas and dismember the communities where the terrorists flourish.
The Rothschild owned propaganda wants us to do the opposite: war against their enemies, namely Assad and Putin which are their enemies not ours, and taking more immigrants from muslim countries and due to the chaos that comes consequently with this pro-immigration policy impose the police state. It is obvious that we must do the opposite. Have you heard the last news about blocked bank accounts?
The other comes from a David Icke's link: drone pilots have bank accounts frozen for exposing US murders
The Thaler will save us. In gold and silver. So, please... cash & carry
The bank accounts of mafia and terrorists are not blocked.The bankers like them.