How can you trust an EU that talks about illegal immigration as if it were normal? They already talk as if the borders didn't exist and to cross them illegally were the same.

Now they want to make you believe the illegal immigrants coming  - and transported by them - to the EU were a positive thing, people who in the pro-EU's opinion, will pay our pensions and will boost economy.
Two lies: they are not going to pay any welfare they are taking money from the welfare: I detest the EU because they lie. With liars there's nothing to do.
More Brexit campaign.
I noticed last night that, being italian, I am campaigning for Brexit more than a BNP obsessive britishman, one of those Long Johns  with a tattoo of a sexy mermaid and who knife the apple in a dirty seaside true english pub. I know, but it's the only way out. We'll all take it, after Britain.
Boris Johnson intends to lead the Brexit campaign and George the Chancellor wants to stay in. Why?
Not why Johnson wants to stay out or why the true hard englishman etc. doesn't want to fuse himself with the rest of the world, no, I mean why does George Osborne want to stay in?
He's fighting against everything the EU wants; notice the lie, Osborne, think about the budget, can't you see that they say one thing to mean the precise opposite?
First of all the migrants.
They talk about this phenomenon of illegal immigration as if illegal immigration were
1) normal;
2) unavoidable.
When they, the pro-EU people are clearly the smugglers. They do smuggle people from Kos and Lampedusa until Calais and Germany and they move their own men in the high courts to prohibit the repatriation.
They say refugee, immigrant, migrant as if they were the same and they never say "illegal immigrant";
Let's put it clear: illegal immigrant, legal immigrant and refugee are not synonyms.
The illegal immigrant hasn't got to cross the border, he must be stopped and if he does cross the border must be repatriated;
The legal immigrant must work and pay taxes, he can often be integrated.
The refugee has the right to get some money from the State until he can find a job, if the war in his own country ends he can go back there or "transform" himself into a legal immigrant.
The EU commissioners lie all the way, they want the State to give money to all, illegal immigrants, legal immigrants and finally true refugees as if they were all refugees: it's a burden on the welfare state and sends the message that to be an illegal immigrant is nothing wrong, if the boundary lines exist for paying taxes they exist also for giving rules and laws.
The EU treat the member States like the cows to be milked, now they even want to pay the african states to take back the illegals of their own countries. No. We haven't got to pay people to do the right thing, Europe is not a cash machine, the illegal immigrants haven't got to come, it's their fault, it's not our fault.
There's another point: how can you trust an institution that doesn't respect the laws? That talks about illegal immigration as an unavoidable phenomenon and tries to make it seem even good?
Osborne knows there would be millions of other people hanging on the welfare.
Legal immigration, where the immigrant does not receive state money, but has got to get a job, receive a wage and pays taxes on that wage that is good for economy, this flood of uncontrolled unidentified people who all ask for money and housing are not the same phenomenon. They say, look Paola, the italians emigrated a lot in the past and even now. You're right, a young man of my own village emigrated to Australia and do you know what he did? He had the visa for three months, within the first month found a job in a bar and now he lives with the money of the job as a barman. If he hadn't found the job he would be back home within the three months. This is the law we want, for the italians and for the non italians, I never asked for the italians different rules than for the others, I'm not that mean, you know. But this is not what the EU - illuminati - masonic machine want: can't you see they are saying "take them all"? and pay for them? can't you see they are saying we have to pay for them and then  say some bla bla about the benefits the economy would have? Can't you see they are saying it's unimportant that they came without passport without visa, without permission, now I write it in capitals: they are saying we are not the owners of Europe, we haven't got to give them any permission, freemasonry did, this is what they are saying.
The hard seaman has got it.
Let's tell the gentlemen:
George, they'll do much worse than refusing the tax credits cuts, they'll dry Britain out of money and they'll call you an evil person if you don't give them. They are like this.
You may argue that if David Cameron gets the deal, the deal that you haven't got to take the immigrants and the EU immigrants and you won't have to give credits and tax credits to everybody, but George, they want you for the money. Add their anti-racism thrauma and you'll have to give the taxpayers money to all the people who wish to set a foot in Europe. Who cares legal or illegal, you are racist, the illegals clearly have human rights.
Osborne should lead the Brexit campaign too.