If Germany goes on like this, Britain is set to become the most powerful Country in the EU and the actual settings of the EU won't make sense anymore.

Before the immigration crisis Germany was the richest and most powerful country in the EU. Britain was the second.
Now, thanks to Angela Merkel's new open doors policy, that, she said, she doesn't intend to change, Germany is on the verge of being ruined, both economically and socially. And I explain to you why.
All these people who are flooding to Germany claim the refugee status, this means they are a burden with all their families to the Welfare State, they are not workers that improve the economy, they are also mainly non christian and violent. There could be an end to this flood if Germany said: "Ok, we took our part, now stop, we cannot host anyone else". But George Soros has said/ordered to the EU: "take 1 million refugees - he calles everybody refugee btw - per year per several years.". Who the hell is George Soros to say so? He's the so called Godfather of the Left, or one of the mafia bosses of freemasonry, together with Rothschild, the ones who give orders to all the masons in the world, italian poor Italy, included. And he controls Merkel. Merkel intends to obey. After being spied on for several years, she was probably shown some sort of scandal she doesn't want to come out and decided to do the opposite of Jesus Christ: she's sacrificing Germany to save herself. This will make Germany collapse also economically. Soros, the boss, who should be arrested for what he's doing, ordered to spend around 10,000/15,000 of taxpayers' euros per refugee and Merkel, together with those other traitors, freemasonry's slaves, of Renzi - a man of Goldman Sachs-man Romano Prodi - and Juncker are intentioned to obey. Why do you think in Denmark, where there's a good right wing government, they want to host and protect Snowden? Probably to use him against this kind of internet spying/ blackmailing procedure with which the globalists "convince" anti-globalization politicians to "change mind". From Merkel you cannot expect anything anymore: for her Germany can die.
This makes Britain automatically, in rather short time the most powerful economic system of the EU, It doesn't make sense anymore that the Britons ask a rotten Germany's Chancellor "permissions" or concessions: they should either rule or exit.
Why is Britain more protected than Germany from this balckmailing system ? - this is what's really happening - Because freemasonry in Britain is independent from the continental one and more related to the Crown and the Church of England and because many millionaires or even billionaires in Britain don't trust Brussels. The danger that blackmailed politicians sell away the country exists, but for example, Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson weren't properly blackmailed, they were "corrupted" which is different, and Blair really won the general elections three times. The situation is at least democratic.
The EU supporters in Britain don't even hide to find democracy "fastidious" they say openly, read this article on politico.eu that Blair did a mistake offering the referendum on the Euro, that Britain should be just be brought in, they don't care about the poverty, the failures that the euro produced and that in fact the countries outside the eurozone are much better off than the ones inside. The EU supporters don't care about this: they just want to handle Soros, Rothschild and Goldman Sachs more power. For them to be a slave of the corporations and of the banks is normal. They may go to hell alone without us and our countries.
Merkel has no real power anymore, she's totally a puppet and her country will lose money and power. In this moment probably both Cameron and Osborne are as a matter of fact more powerful than she. Watch out. And Brexit.
As an italian, I do envy the Britons because they have this possibility. I hope that the consequences will be that after Brexit, we italians will exit too and then will do inter-national trading pacts without too much political interference and without Brussels and Soros in the middle.