If No one stops Merkel and Renzi, in Italy and Germany there may be a military takeover. In Germany the Situation is out of Control.

I love Germany. Yes, I do.
My heart suffers for Italy, Germany and Britain. But to see Germany like this, with the German invaded and the german Chancellor, the controlled media insulting them because they don't want a level of immigration 7 immigrants each german citizen is outrageous.
I hate the RAI. I have the satisfaction to call the Bilderberger RAI president Monica Maggioni a bitch. This is what she is. We haven't sold ourselves to the Bilderberg, they have, it's their personal fault, we haven't got to pay for it.
The shape of the octopus is probably like this

Vatican IOR
Rothschild - Goldman Sachs - Soros
Monica Maggioni RAI - Rona Fairhead BBC - etc.

And the Mossad?
David Icke puts the Mossad below Rothschild and says the Bankers control it. I can see Netanyahu killing, I suspect the movie Munich by Steven Spielberg is inspired by his life more than an Avner Kaufmann's, no one knows who he is, life. But I cannot see Netanyahu participating to a black mass.
Either the Rothschild use the Mossad for the killings and spying activity but don't invite the agents to the satanic rituals or I don't know where to put them.

Why Vatican IOR is above?
Because the Pope in the past did a strange move: the Church prohibited to the catholics to do the jobs in the finance sector to then give the administration of the Vatican finances to the jewish family of Rothschild. Does it make sense? No. If it's a sin it's a sin. I believe it is known that the Rothschilds administer the IOR together with the Vatican's priests and a gay man said, as if it were "given" that the Vatican bankers are "indemoniati" possessed by demons. Now gay men can be invited to many parties and orgies more easily than straight, I know at least two active gays who have contacts with Cardinals and high clergymen.

Matteo Renzi, no matter the card of the PD party is a man under the influence of Romano Prodi, Goldman Sachs man, also Mario Monti and Mario Draghi and the Ayn Rand Institute President, that's organizing the smuggling, are Goldman Sachs men.

These people are all globalists who don't care about the poor, Goldman Sachs, Draghi, remember that the BCE made Greece fall on its knees, they use them only to destroy the national state because they want to transfer the power of the elected national state's parliaments to the unelected over-national bodies, that is themselves.
In Germany the police say the immigrants mixed with the supposed refugees - they come from Turkey, they don't come directly from Syria, there's no real obligation in taking them, not even one - well in Germany they are so many and there is a continuous arrival that can't be handled by the police self, the cops called the army to give a help, but Merkel doesn't want to put an end to the arrivals. There are rapes, often gang rapes like in Sweden and she, the symbol of feminism, the woman chancellor, doesn't care, like the swedes, feminists for the pissing standing/pissing sitting diatribe but silent on the asylum seekers' assaults. I want to be clear about it, I'm not saying that all syrian or all immigrants are rapists, I'm saying that thanks to the late pro-mass immigration policy there are too many people uncontrolled.
God help us. We risk not only that the military take the power, we even risk to be glad about it.

In Britain again, cases of refugees who assault women and walk in groups of men. Let's tell the truth, the number of men is too high, Orban was telling the truth, there's nothing legal in what Merkel and Renzi are doing, there's nothing legal in telling asian and african people to come here unidentified, not to check who they are in Turkey and moreover to transport them from Greece to central Europe, invading Germany and then eventually checking the identity in Germany (if they can). I also believe Merkel's policy is illegal, it's more legal the UK position because at least Cameron is picking up the few refugees he intends to host in his land from refugees camps in Turkey, near the syrian border to shelter children and harmless people, which in these groups of men coming from Italy and Greece thanks to Merkel, Renzi, Tsipras and the inept EU commission, are almost absent. Listen to Orban defining illegal Merkel's policy

I hope Cameron, Orban, Seehofer, and maybe Cazeneuve and Holland will put an end to the EU commission and masonic plot to destroy us, following Cameron's line of not taking  in the refugees arrived illegally in Europe, sending them back to Africa and Asia and eventually taking real vulnerable people and children from refugees camps in Turkey and Tunisia or even better helping them there. I hope the french justice will put on a trial Soros, Renzi and the freemasons who did this, in France they can do it. It's not only me and Orban who claim Merkel's policy is illegal, and I add also Renzi's, the authoritative Neue Zurcher Zeitung, the swiss equivalent of the Telegraph, the classic liberal, not the far right, press, said that what Merkel is doing is totally against the law, both national and international and actually Orban is the only one who's respecting the law.
The swiss, sweet swiss. So it's not only Nick Griffin, I and a couple of skinheads thinking this...