Igniatiev, the haters of the white and the ignorance at Harvard.

Noel Ignatiev and the evidence that american professors are very low level, no matter if they work for the Ivy league Universities.
How is it possible that a university professor uses the word white as synonym of anglo-saxon or germanic and does not realize it?
Noel Ignatiev is a white Jew, but when he says "the white" you understand he means the white christians, and you let go, then he starts saying that the Irish weren't accepted as white by the white, and then you think "This idiot, jewish liberal professor at Harvard - what would I become, if I were american? - uses white for anglo-saxon" and you stop giving him intellectual importance. It's not that the anglo-saxon can tell the other whites they are not white, you know, the Irish are Celt and they are even whiter than the anglo-saxon, Ignatiev uses white to mean germanic. Which includes the ashkenazi jews, the blond blue eyed israeli captains and people like him and his own group.
In an italian university if you say "white" and mean germanic or celt they think you're ignorant: you are supposed to use the name of the ethnicity, "white" is pub language, it's not accepted as university language. I checked the biography of this Ignatiev, he was accepted to the Harvard Graduate School of Education without an undergraduate degree. Why?
he was a member of the american communist party and a marxist, so he could be an under-educated ignorant and say white instead of anglo-saxon and become an idiot of a university professor, and destroy Harvard University together with the other miracled marxists.
He fell on Israel and Judaism, he didn't want kosher students to have an only kosher toaster in the dining hall of the college and said that in Israel there's a sort of jewish version of the white supremacy. He was sacked.
He's an under-educated idiot, he should never be professor.

All these super-expensive colleges give jobs and titles to whom they like, but the academic offer is low, there are political decisions behind the selection of the nominees, which are given the jobs and sacked for political reasons. Black students who don't feel discriminated against are discriminated against by the liberals: they must say they are victims of the white even if in their own real life this never happened. Watch the interviews in the video "Indoctrinate U" about the situation on campuses.

The students realize that something more than wrong, something fake, is going on, if they are too smart to be duped they are marginalized by a power that hides behind the concept of protecting minorities but never gives even only one logically acceptable answer or motivation.
The freemasonic style, of closed doors, almost sectarian and secret decisions, people given a top job much beyond their real intellectual achievement and sacked abruptly when they do or say the wrong thing twice, they remind me of Spectre, in the famous scene "You've been wrong for the last time, number 7" and the floor opens under the feet of the poor number 7 or number 5 and the guy James Bond had duped dies painfully.
The Sect exists, if you don't see it, you are blind.

Freemasonry uses the aura of respect the title of University Professor evokes to make its agenda seem scientific, in reality they push people who obey to them on top of the universities, and sack them when they disobey, with a non meritocratic system. Free the Uni.