Jeremy Corbyn is not that fool: he knows they want to bomb Assad and say Isil.

Corbyn is a fool, Corbyn grow up, Corbyn is a friend of the terrorists, now even of the nazi, and I have to defend comrade Corbyn. Strange, isn't it?
Yes, Corbyn has understood that Cameron wants to help Obama, led by the Soros Rockefeller-Rothschild clan, this is it, a clan, not in defeating Isil, but in toppling Assad, that asshole of Barack Hussein Obama, the worst President of the USA ever, probably, said again that Assad must go because the majority of the syrian are against him, even in that case the USA would have no authority in toppling Assad, and that is not the case. Which is the case?
The case is an old story, Syria and the Russian Federation have central banks not controlled by the Rothschild, so it is Iran, this is why the Rothschild/israeli masons and lobbyists all across the world want to put the american army, a superpower of mainly christian soldiers, black and white, against Assad, Iran and in the end Russia. This is it. Isil is an excuse, because they must stop funding it and shoot the Isil bases the way Putin is doing to get rif of it. Then, leave the syrian, not Graham or McCain or Rothschild, decide their own President, probably they'll choose Assad and if they vote for another Assad mustn't be killed, but any way there's no reason acceptable whatsoever for not allowing Assad candidate himself for the elections.
Assad and Putin don't want to put their countries under the control of the gay-sodomite Rothschild/Vatican-IOR mafia that would destroy the moral and cultural tissue of their countries the way they did in the West imposing the new lefty sick agenda.
According to this article JFK set the USA free from Rothschild's power giving back to the Treasury the right to issue silver currency and prohibiting the federal reserve - privately owned by Rothschild - to loan money at interests to the United States and was therefore shot, but the article states also that his executive order was never repealed and what the federal reserve is doing now is as a matter of fact illegal.

In Italy the Banca d'Italia was sold to Rothschild by some of the most powerful masons in the country, Napolitano, former President of the Republic, Romano Prodi former Prime Minister and Padoa Schioppa former Minister of the Economy: they excluded the italian State from having majority shares in the property of the Banca d'Italia that allowed the State to control it.

Now Assad and Putin are strangely more similar to Kennedy than Cameron Osborne and Obama: they don't want Rothschild to own their banking system. Rothschild is moving all the masons he controls in the world to move war on Assad on Iran and in the end also on Putin. To privatize the central banks of those countries and exploit the oil and gas. They also prohibit to the EU to lift the embargo on Russia.

So Corbyn is not an idiot, he knows they want to use Isil as an excuse to pull down Assad and give Rothschild the keys of the economy of that country or else leaving Syria pulverized, a non entity with no bank at all.

And why is it so scandalous that Corbyn said Jihadi John should have been captured alive and put on a trial? Are they scared of these terrorists talking too much about the connections with western governments, CIA, John MacCain and Mossad that feed them? He didn't say Jihadi John was innocent anyway, he said he had to be put on a trial and asked a couple of questions. It's Democracy, you know.