Juncker, Obama, all say we mustn't stop taking immigrants. Obama, think about your f*** problems, it's our home, you know?

I don't want excess of immigrants independently from the Paris shooting. When it is about Islam and Africa I don't like the average culture, it's not just about the extremists, I don't like the average voodoo and the average muslim society, in the average muslim society women are not free enough for me to stay ok.

I was against mass immigration before the shootings and I am against Mass immigration and "let's take refugees" now. I don't like the average muslim society, let alone the extremists. I know Soros, the big human smuggler paid Obama's electoral campaign, I hope Donald Trump will be the next President of the USA and I want to check out from the European Union 'cause I can't stand the eurocrats anymore, I disagree with any decision they take, be it economic or social: they are freemasons, I am not, I owe nothing to them, freemasonry for me is a criminal association no matter how many "VIP" there are into it.
I hope Britain and Denmark and Sweden will exit and then we too. We can make our own interests better. We go back lions; I can't tolerate all these foreigners telling me what I must do with my home, ok? It's our land, it's our home and yes, we must stop taking refugees and immigrants to prevent the dissolution of our institutions and our type of society. It's the average  that's wrong in Asia not only the extremists.

Let's talk about Jesus Christ. It's untrue that with or without New Testament is the same. It's untrue that Islam is the same, it's not the same and it generates a totally different society. Societies are generated by religion and culture: Islam generates a kind of society I do not feel fine with, not even when it's moderate, for me also moderate Islam is simply not enough. It's good for them in Africa not for me. We live better than this and must keep the territory, I would deport a lot of the people who are trying to colonize Europe, we were perfectly at ease in the eighties, without them it was better. Stop taking new ones and send back home as many as possible. And in the constitution of any form of State I'll have to adhere, either they write "it's a christian country" - like Switzerland, btw, the same Switzerland where Nathaniel Rothschild and Carlo De Benedetti have retired telling us we couldn't write christian in the EU treaty because they were jews and now they flew to the only country where they did write christian and there they shut up - or I don't accept it. I accept that they write judeo-christian because there is the Old Testament and the Old Testament is important just as well as the New One, Islam has no place and please also voodoo. Africa is ruined for african tribal culture and we are getting ruined for freemasonry. Get rid of them and give me back Sunday free. God give us Justice.

And by the way, who told you that Erdogan is more socially acceptable than Assad? Assad cannot be judged by that scoundrel of Erdogan, don't you use my money to bribe him and no, I don't want to make a state together with him. If he were man of honour he wouldn't send the refugees to us, in Turkey there isn't the situation there is in Libya, what Turkey is doing is unacceptable, because Turkey can be a very tough state when it wants, now they are not stopping the immigrants, they are helping them towards us instead, because Erdogan wants to be bribed. I don't give him a penny.
When we were Nations we were much more respected. This is just another reason why we must go back Nations. The EU is a marmalade gone bad. We are tougher than this. The turkish blackmail us, the african blackmail us, everybody tells us what we must do, Oh! They have never seen us really angry, yet. Now they stop. We don't take anyone without passport and as for the Rothschild and the masons, everything can be destroyed, the Rothschild offices and  the masonic lobbies too.