Schengen shutdown. It was obvious, the only alternative - and the right thing to do - being the expulsion of Greece and Italy from the EU for blatant inefficiency. Malta and Spain, in fact, don't allow any mass invasion.

Cazeneuve asked the shutdown of Schengen, obviously with Greece and Italy behaving as if they had no borders with Africa and Asia and Italy even picking up illegal immigrants and charging them on the european soil. The real right thing to do would be to expel Greece and Italy from the EU. Because they are totally inefficient and act like big smuggler-states.
Italy is more distant from the african coast than Malta and Spain, but Malta and Spain don't go off the african coasts to pick up illegal unidentified immigrants "because there is the war in Libya" and pour them into the Continent to then let them free to go around. They are doing their duty.

Renzi is picking up immigrants on behalf of Goldman Sachs:

Goldman Sachs controls Romano Prodi and Romano Prodi gives orders to Renzi and it's Goldman Sachs together with George Soros that organized the traffic because they are globalist extremists. They wish to abolish all boundary lines among all nations, african, asian, european, all, which is very dangerous for us and they are trying to do it really. The only way central european countries have got to protect themselves is in fact to shut down Schengen or else to expel Italy and Greece from the EU. These things don't "happen" it's the italian and greek government that are doing them, in fact the spanish and maltese government don't. It's an extreme political decision, taken without any legal protection; who would have signed the Schengen Treaty if Italy, Greece and the other coastline states had said they are not "in condition" to protect the continent from illegal immigration?

I don't feel guilty for saying this, I'm italian, and you mustn't feel guilty too, because they are doing it on purpose.

It's not the first time the italian globalists try to abuse Schengen to impose mass illegal immigration from Africa and it's not the first time France says no: someone must explain to the italian government that Schengen is not with Africa and if they don't like it then the border is closed in the middle of Europe, it's crystal clear that the italian globalists are trying to impose illegal immigration from Africa to the rest of the europeans without asking if they agree using the Schengen Treaty and I, who am italian, can assure you that they do it on purpose, because they are lefty bastards.