Seven versus Thebes: All against Assad.

Putin, Obama, Netanyahu, Hollande, Cameron, it's five, other two and they make seven: all against Thebes, they just want to make Assad fall. And I don't. I put officially myself on Assad's side.
Because the people who want to make him fall are wrong. If right and wrong counts, it's better to be right.
First Putin; he's been offered the friendship of the western leaders, leaders and puppets, some of them are leaders, Benjamin Netanyahu, some others are puppets...guess by yourself, he wants to be friend of the West and it makes sense, it is obvious, the Russian Federation is no Soviet Union, we have a lot in common I can't see any point in being enemy with Russia nowadays, but, there is a but: the western leaders who want to make Assad fall are wrong. And they are lying: they created ISIS to overcome Assad and take the oil, assuring that the Golan Heights will remain stable to Israel. If I could choose, I'd choose they give Israel the Golan Heights under promise that it stops there and recognizes Assad President of Syria, maybe Assad doesn't want this and didn't accept. He didn't butcher his own people they are lying about him and if he had done it, they wouldn't care, they have in fact a lot of real butchers as friends and they invite them to dinner.
Obama; he was told by aggressive senators, neocons etc. Assad must fall Assad must fall Assad is going to go, we know Rothschild wants his fall, we saw the Rothschild-led Economist cover "Hit him hard" with the face of Assad on it. Cameron goes after, he shouldn't, Hollande for no real reason that I know bombs the same. Why? Maybe they will share the oil and forget Paris attacks, it would console them, a bit of oil. But there's nothing honorable in this. Assad is the legitimate president of Syria like Queen Elizabeth is the legitimate Monarch in England. I don't like this trying to topple legitimate authorities all around. They are no one to decide who has to control Syria and that Assad cannot be candidated.
So, seven versus Thebes. But me.

Apropos of that shameless false-cover of Time Magazine with the poor people dead because of Assad's bombing exposed for the public grimace, why don't they bother to show the dead dismembered bodies provoked by american, british and french bombings? They are really cheap. We must stick to the idea we've got to be honest.