Tell the Truth: the problem is not giving the EU more money to "control" the external borders, the problem is that the immigrants are transported from Kos to Central Europe at taxpayers' expenses.

Tusk tells Merkel she must do more to help control external borders of the EU and this translated in bills means the Commission wants more money from Germany to pretend to control the external borders of the - already failed, open your eyes - EU.
They are liars, technically they are playing the same game of the UN, they just want more money from the states, to enrich themselves and use the power the states have given them to smash down the very same states that give them the money.
Do you believe the problem is protecting Kos or Lampedusa which are the external borders of this ex union? 
No. Because if the immigrants were left in Kos and Lampedusa, they would repent and stop coming. End of the problem.
But the globalist masons, satanic cardinals and frankist jewish bankers who managed to control the UN and the EU use their tentacles inside the european states, the masons who blindly obey to the order the head of the octopus gives them, to pick up the illegals form Kos and Lampedusa at our expenses and start the transport at our expenses from Kos and Lampedusa up to Germany and Calais. Now they pretend they want money to protect the borders, while they just want more power over the borders to pick up and bring at our expense more immigrants, probably they are scared that an eventual right wing government in Italy and Greece will simply put an end to the big state smuggling.
I want to tell you another thing. Do you know why so many high courts and judges do not punish rapists and robbers and as a matter of fact try to block the repatriation of the illegals using the supposed human rights?
Do you know why the UN turns two blind eyes to the rape tragedy in Darfur? Black men raping black women, btw.
Do you know that the american soldiers who served in Afghanistan had to sign a contract stating that they would not intervene when the afghan allies of the americans would rape boys because "it's local culture"?
Remember the shape of the Octopus; at the top of freemasonry there are satanic rituals, obsessive priests, they do these things, child sacrifices and rapes, and they "defend" the people who do these things too. Many tentacles of this monster are in the juries and among judges. To have a job at the UN you may need a recommendation of the Knights of Malta who are directly under the vatican. I am sorry. It's not casual that all the rape cases are so lightly punished, while a racist or supposedly racist word is treated like a crime deserving heavy punishment.
We should exit the EU because it is controlled by the Octopus. End of. And the UN and the High Court of Strasbourg too.
The Economist, controlled by the octopus through the big tentacles Rothschild/Elkann praises Angela Merkel and calls Cameron little englander because he doesn't want to hand power over the EU. While David is right. I think Brexit is going to be a reality.
The priests in the vatican they continuously give orders to talk about being good with the poor and the immigrants, in their smelly satanic fake christian style: the gays are victims, the illegals are poor the poor victims have to be rewarded, you have to pay the sins until the states collapse: fucking jesuits, I don't collapse.
But they control the EU and the UN, the EU and the UN must collapse.
Refreshment of the chain of power or the structure of the octopus:
Satanic priests in the vatican - IOR - Rothschild bankers - Economist/Liberation - lefty press - no borders activists and agitators.
Cui prodest? Come on, if they won, and the borders collapsed and there were no borders really, there wouldn't be any State with any Parliament, neither left-wing nor right-wing government, who remains in charge of society? The answer is: The bankers and the church. No democracy, just priests in charge of the charities and corporations and bankers in charge of the money and market.
This is why they are so tolerant with islam and support illegal mass-immigration and no borders, islam disrupts from the inside the state, the muslims want other laws than the westerners.
Does Corbyn want this? 
Do the lefty shabby-looking no borders activists and agitators want this?
Who told you, right wingers, that the leftists are cleverer than you?
They might really not have realized it. Maybe one day they will, but we have no time to wait, we must stop the monster now. And if you think it's impossible, think carefully about how the catholic church works: very few cardinals and the pope decide what all the catholic priests in the world must say to all the catholics in the world. The decision is taken in Rome by very few people, the head, all the others are tentacles, freemasonry and the illuminati are using the very same system changing the content of the message. The EU commissioner, the italian Prime Minister, the bbc journalists are just like an Archbishop, a bishop, a priest, do you get it? They bring the same message from the head, the few cardinals in Rome, which are what we call the illuminati. The mystery is the role of the Rothschilds and the Mossad, either the Rothschild who administer the IOR together with vatican priests are part of the head, they are decision makers, or even they, no matter how powerful they look, in reality are obeying. I can't say at the moment, I'll tell you.