Why Corbyn must support Brexit: the EU orders privatization. There's no Right/Left scheme in Brussels, there are only corporations.

The EU is antidemocratic. It's not right wing or left wing: it is corporations against the people.
Now I tell you what they do against the real left, the socialists:
 They impose privatizations against the people's will. Even if the people vote socialist, like in France or if the Britons would vote Corbyn, the EU makes it compulsory to privatize everything that used to be managed by the State, entirely and without "golden share".
In France the socialists won the elections. The socialists are against privatizations, if they are pro-selling State jewels to privates, possibly at a ridiculously cheap prize, they are not real socialists.
The EU is imposing to the french the privatizations of the dykes. The french state spent a lot of money to build the dykes, and now it has to sell them at an incredibly cheap price to the owner of the f*****g European Union, the banks and the corporations, Goldman Sachs, that has all its men in key positions: Mario Draghi, Romano Prodi, the "godfather" of Renzi etc. 
If the french government refuses it should pay very heavy sanctions with money of the State to the EU.
Why are the EU people pro-privatizations and pro-mass immigration?
They are neither right-wing nor left-wing, they use these tools to just destroy the state and hand finally power to their masters, that is the corporations and the banks. In fact, dear Corbyn, can't you see that it's the Economist, the journal of the Rothschilds in the City of London that's campaigning for staying in? Why? Because they love the immigrants? No, because they control the Eurocrats better than they may control you or even Cameron. The Eurocrats are eurocrats, they are not elected politicians, if they are "elected" they are elected by the corporations not by the citizens, the ones who are elected by the citizens don't count anything.
It's a matter of democracy, the European Union is antidemocratic. 
If the Labour Party wins the elections, it has the right to govern, it can even take more immigrants if it likes, but it must tell the citizens during the electoral campaign, like the rest of the program. Anyhow in democracy if the Right wing Party wins it has the same right to govern and limit immigration or doing some sort of privatizations, but it must inform the citizens during the electoral campaign, if a mixed coalition wins they'll have to bargain. The EU is not like this.
Some people in Brussels decided to label the West Bank products which is a political decision that affects the relationship with a country like Israel, you may agree, but that's not the point, the point is that they take hugely politically important decisions without asking people's will: they do not represent the people. They also decided to put us against Russia, we don't want to be against Russia, Putin is not really breaking human rights, other people, with whom the EU bargains and trades do, but if you are against or pro Putin you must say it during the electoral campaign, with those guys in the EU there's nothing of the kind. 
I'd vote Donald Trump if I were american, but he had to clarify his position about Israel, about Russia and about immigration, I agree enough to think I'd vote him, other people may not.
In the EU you cannot choose your foreign policy, your immigration policy, whether to do the privatizations or not: it's the destruction of the right-wing left-wing democratic scheme.
You've been campaigning with a beautiful motto: "Your choice. Shape the future." This is the EU problem, they take power away from the democratically elected politicians to give it to the corporations. It's a mini TTIP: the State must pay the corporation a heavy sanction if it dares disobey to them. And the EU commissioners are the guardians of the corporations's interests. Is this what you want? It is not a bigger democratic state, it is the submission of the democratic states to an entity that's controlled by the banking system, freemasonry and corporations and cannot be changed because when it was founded, it was engined precisely as a method to handle power from elected bodies to unelected bodies.

I attach two Alice_free's comments that were appreciated by other readers on the Telegraph's comment board about Brexit, the Left and Independence.

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Alice_free 4 hours ago

The EU cannot even be relied upon for trading, I'm against the labelling of the West Bank products and I'm against the embargo against Russia. These are highly political decisions that affect foreign relations, it is actually foreign policy done in Brussels instead of Whitehall or any other european Foreign Office, they put us against Russia and against Israel against our will or without our consent: it's better to take back the political autonomy also about which country we choose to trade with or sanction. I am for a total exit.
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Alice_free 4 hours ago
I give you another good reason for voting Leave, the UK works much better and faster and it is more respectful of people's real culture than the EU giant burocracy: they respect only the corporations, also the leftists who are not in favour of privatizations should vote leave. Corbyn may not know that the EU is imposing/ordering to privatize everything to the french government and the french government, which is socialist, is reluctant but must "obey" or they will be sanctioned heavily. The EU is antidemocratic and Corbyn must know that with the EU, who wins the general elections is totally immaterial, while in Westminster, if the Tories win the Tories govern if the Labour wins the Labour governs. Now, the EU decided to label the West Bank products which is a political decision. You may want to take these sort of decisions by yourself in your own country. They have also decided that we are against Russia and this is also a very dangerous political decision Corbyn might disagree with. Exit or you are giving up democracy, there's no left-wing right-wing scheme anymore, there's only corporations and their EU puppets who wash their tremendously dirty mouth talking about antiracism and cooperation among human beings, we're all the same open the borders gang, while destroying you.