Danish Imperialism or allowing immigrants to claim the right to have a servant?

Lars Lokke Rasmussen Danish PM.
In Italy, african immigrants "rebelled" to the authority because they don't want to clean the villa that was given to them to house them: they want the State to pay for the cleaning, actually they want the servant. If you can read italian read this .
Always in Italy governed by Renzi&Co. Muslim pupils bully non muslim schoolmates and the muslim schoolgirls, 14 years old, call sl*ts non muslim little girls. Link in italian so you know .
Not only, at fourteen they are probably repeating what their parents say at home and they say, apart that non muslim girls are s*uts also that the French deserved the Paris attack because they offended Mohammed.
And these are "normal" muslim immigrants. Now the "swedish" solution is to prohibit to say "muslim" and "immigrants" when you report this kind of information, the swedish national television already received a manual where it is stated that those lobotomized&Traitors of the swedish national journalists haven't got to say "Immigrant" Migrants" "Muslim" "African" "Dark skinned" and actually not giving the news: This link is in english. So if I had registered this website in Sweden I wouldn't be able to start this post with the sentence "African immigrants want the servant" which is basically what happened.
In Denmark they control that the asylum seekers are not hiding money and valuable things. But anyway. Do we want a sort of danish imperialism to send everybody home or are we going to solve the matter democratically by ourselves and with our own home grown politicians and institutions?
After Queen Margareth we risk to have an Emperor Frederik, I mean: the leftists have got to stop importing people who despise us, offend little girls, are on the side of the terrorists and moreover put them as a burden on the welfare state.