NWO behind Oxford's removal of Cecil Rhodes Statue. And also behind the de-westernizing of the curriculum.

Oxford University wants to de-westernize its curriculum and make it more diverse which means more african and asian, because "the students want like this" and it'll follow Cecil Rhodes' statue row, but it's all a construct: the people who want to de-westernize Oxford's curriculum and probably also the ones who want to remove the statue are masons and globalists who use the students as a shield. Not to take the responsibility on themselves. Usually these students are recruited for these campaigns and are even given the slogans they have to repeat and there's one of them, the one who takes the call "from Rome" in Italy or from the grown up masons who want to use them, that makes the V-man, the man of connection between the students and the globalist owners who give them precise orders. Oxford will lose reputation, I wouldn't like to go and study there if I were a student or to send a child there if I had one, because they are going to teach how good voodoo culture was and how bad Cecil Rhodes was for despising it. This is the UN and the NWO culture.
The african students and their white lefty fellows deny how disgusting voodoo culture was and on the Telegraph they remove the comments that say that before colonialism in central and South Africa they couldn't survive at least not in a huge number, when everybody else, Northern Africans, who were muslim, for the first, Asian etc. they could. Is it false? No, it's true, but they delete the comment.
Rhodes was a normal chap, central/southern african culture was really extremely bad off, even the muslim northern africans and the arabs traded slaves from there because they were behind all the rest of humanity.
They owe something to Rhodes. But the Oxford dons, the cowards, want to remove his statue because they are globalist masons and want to build the culture for the NWO. That's all.
To be logic, voodoo culture didn't built Oxford University, if there are students from South Africa in Oxford it's through Rhodes not because of their own native culture. Be careful when you choose, because you'll get what you choose.