Provincial & Pathetic this is what non Right Wing europeans are, while taking orders from the B'Nai B'Rith without even realizing it.

Finally she cried: the Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden, a woman of the Green Party, had the tears running her scandinavian cheeks, she had to admit Sweden cannot host some 20 million refugees who want to go there - all in Malmo btw -. It's about time, I had noticed it months ago, they have to reach the point they have no room and money for their own kids and still feel guilty. Buy psychotrops for them, they have mental problems. Who told them they have to host and pay for everybody in the world who wants to go to Malmo? Who ever asked them? No one, it's all of their own making. I have to show the on the image below, watch it and then come back here among normal people.
Swedish minister crying because she can't take refugees and finally she admits it.
Did you watch it? Ok, this is the tough guys who should run the European Union and this is why we normal people are invaded by jihadis with photographs of beheaded children on the i phone as the DailyMailOnLine reports read also this. Now the tough guys of Norway and Sweden dare and say it may be for "innocent reasons" that these refugees/immigrants scum travel the world till Norway with snuff movies on their phones. Why don't the scandinavians, all of them, vote Right?
For the the same reasons half of France stopped the Le Pen Ladies:
The B'Nai B'Rith the jewish only masonic lodge managed to make the french centre-right party, Sarkozy's, together with the socialists in the year 1986 make and oath in front of them that they would never ever build a government with Le Pen. Papa Le Pen didn't pay too much respect to the Holocaust but even if Marine Le Pen publicly quarreled with him for the Holocaust and even, and she is the daughter, damaged her personal relationship with him, in reality she's on the black list of the B'Nai B'Rith the same.
The real point is: how can a nationalist party swear fidelity to an all jewish masonic lodge from where non jewish people are excluded? How can a nationalist party swear fidelity to freemasonry at all knowing that freemasonry is against the concept of the nation and intrinsecally globalist? With the exception of Israel probably. Israel that apparently in the person of Netanyahu had complained against the open doors policy of Ms Merkel, an open doors policy that has damaged btw many Jews living in Malmo and in Germany because it engrossed the muslim communities with aggressive types and the Libération owned by Rothschild and the B'Nai B'Rith still consider Le Pen the number one enemy.
And why should we non jews take orders by a for-jews-only organization? Here's the source in italian if you can read it, but it is confirmed.
Now Netanyahu is against the open doors policy, the B'Nai B'Rith is against Le Pen, Libération is the crazy magazine of the globalist no borders Rothschilds and our representatives are... stupid girls who cry because they can't take in more immigrants? Why doesn't she move to Africa herself if she likes it! We have no duties towards all these people, we have got the duty not to bomb Middle Eastern countries and to stop the attack on Assad, so Syria doesn't turn into Libya II and to help the powerful libyan people build a government and take control of the coast. End of. if the swedes want to give a help they can build a hospital and a school in Tripoli and in Damascus at their own expenses to help the syrian and the libyan there, help Assad and put the libyan in condition to govern: you cannot pack seven billion inhabitants of the planet all in Malmo, we had understood it a lot of time ago. Please vote Right or these little women who want to be the good girl of the village will destroy us. And to all the norwegians in the world: no, to have a snuff movie on your is not, cannot be "innocent" it's like having paedo-pornographic material. God please mercy on us.
I may admit there might be the intention to provide evidences of the cruelties happening in Syria by some of the refugees who had gruesome images on the i-phone. Anyway the solution is always the same: support Assad and help him taking back control of Syria. Assad never allowed these cruelties and a lot of the accusations of breaching the human rights is a construct by political enemies.