This Chaos will become a Hell if we don't stop it. And not everyone in Europe wants to do it.

Sept. 8, 2015 - Budapest, Hungary - Syrian migrants clash with police as they wait for trains to Vienna and Munich.
"Love is a flower that, once born, knows no winter. And I believe it.
But I believe also to this chaos that becomes hell, because I can see it."
It's not mine. It's a song by the italian author Gianluca Grignani, which instead of making me think of love, makes me think of the EU and Brexit and the migrant crisis.
Cameron, bring the UK out of it, because you can see it: this chaos will soon become a hell and, if I were british I'd like Brexit. I'm italian and I suggest you to exit in all honesty. It's the kind of honesty of the ones who suggested the Greek not to enter the eurozone, the honesty that the europhiles hate, because they want the hell. And they want it because they are desperate to suck power from the democratically elected parliaments to nourish the monstruous unelected Commission.
Can't you see the way the immigration crisis has been handled, or mishandled on purpose? Can you give more powers to the ones who criminalized the right wing politicians who said the refugees should simple stay in Turkey and Tunisia? Let me be clear about it: there's no "natural" crisis, it's the italian government and Frontex that pick up immigrants in front of the libyan coast and they do it on behalf of the globalists, Renzi was put where he is by the globalists he didn't win any election and doesn't care.
As for Greece, I told you a hundred of times, it'd be their duty to send back the refugees to Turkey, 'cause the syrian refugees have a right to stay in Turkey not in Greece, but the failed greek government transport them to Athens and then to Macedonia etc.
Angela Merkel declared the Dublin Treaty over and called these people to Germany: hence, the immigration crisis was created by the globalist western politicians with the aim to state that the nations cannot handle it and in their opinion we "must" give more the european parliament? No, to the unelected Commission.
You cannot opt out forever, if one day the Labour Party wins again they'll drag you into it with both feet and they won't give any referendum. This crisis was created on purpose for robbing the nations of the powers over the borders, but I don't believe they're doing it to block the immigrants, they probably want to take in more, specifically "without the consent of the people and the nations of Europe". This is a rape. "Without the consent" they cannot, must not, be able to do anything.
And you? The Briton, I mean you who still can, what are you waiting to exit? The same people, the same Guardian that want Britain to stay in the EU, wanted also Britain to join the eurozone, that has created poverty, now they seem to have forgotten, they hate the nations and do things that always weaken the Nations. Rothschild through the Economist and Liberation want more Europe, thanks, because they control Draghi and the ECB and the European Commission much more than they can control the British Parliament. Exit soon, as soon as you can, because this chaos will become a very bad place.
In Sweden the open doors policy gave them the second place in the world for rapes, the 2% of the population, that is male muslims, are responsible for the 77% of the rapes, and this is a police report, ok? Lately a homosexual was killed  by another muslim gang, Rothschild and his minions fight against... the islamists? No, they fight against islamophobia, against Trump, of course and against Putin, again of course, because Trump and Putin are men, they've "got what it takes". This chaos has already become a hell. Get out of here. If you have duties, you have duties towards the Britons.