Catholics can watch the Picture of Queen Elizabeth, protestants can see the portrait of Lucrezia Borgia andthe Black can see the statue of Cecil Rhodes.

If I were descendant of a man who was fierce enemy of another 100 years ago and now his grand-grandchild came to me and told me: "Paola, look, my Grand-Grandfather and yours were enemy and tried to kill one another, but now I've got nothing against you; I'm giving a birthday party in my villa and I invite you, I'm pleased if you come." and I say "Yes, I'll go to the party, I've got nothing against this guy". Then I buy a present and I go. But in corner of the villa I see a portrait of the grand-grandfather who was the enemy of mine, I don't see myself asking them to burn the picture, I don't even imagine myself suffering really for seeing the picture, what are we talking about?
I don't believe these african students really suffer for seeing the statue of Cecil Rhodes, I try to build similar situation and always there isn't really the feeling of suffering, many people noticed Mandela didn't feel "upset" for Rhodes' statue, in Italy catholic commentators comment about the picture of Queen Elizabeth, the first, but never ever asked for the picture to be destroyed, they comment say bad things, but there's no feeling that the portrait should be physically hidden. Are we sure these african students are telling the truth? In the years of university I was still catholic, while now I'm protestant myself, but I just don't imagine myself upset for the portrait of Elizabeth the first. I'm concerned about the blandness of the motivation: they feel offended, they are vulnerable, in reality they are aggressive people who talk like victims but act like conquerors, it's conquerors in fact who can pull down statues not victims.
Protestant professors in catholic universities never asked to remove the pictures of popes and archbishops they positively despise, I know it because I studied english also in a catholic university and the majority of english motherlanguage professors back in the nineties were still protestant: either you take the job or you don't take it, if you do you are not expected to pull down anything. The comments are different: I know of catholics commenting on the portrait of Queen Elizabeth I saying that she was a positive witch who went in bed with the chief of freemasonry while pretending to be virgin in front of the stupid crowd, the chief of freemasonry signed letters with the code name 007 and together indulged in luxury, sins and witchcraft and killed the catholics. On the other hand the comments on the popes by the protestants were very little different: pig, who indulged always in luxury and orgy (that for some popes was true) etc. and tricked the idiots of catholics with stories about virginity and poverty etc.
The point is, you accept a job in a catholic university, when catholicism was something more serious than it is now with Bergoglio, you don't ask, not even for one second to remove the busts or the portraits etc. the alternative is not to accept the job. What's scaring of these RhodesMustFall students is that they think that they can remove the statues as if they were not students who won a scholarship in Oxford, but as if they were conquering emperors in Oxford, I'm afraid they are not, they "suffer" too much in comparison to other groups and in the end on the base that they "suffer" they want to command. The Anti Defamation League of the jews taught the other minorities to apply this strange pattern "since I have suffered, now I can command" which is a way of doing extraneous to the western christians who think they can command only if they win a war and conquer a land and probably this is again the fingerprint of the marxist matrix of this Rhodes Must Fall movement that echoes passages of the Ancient Testament where Israel is asked to destroy the altars and the statues of the other civilizations. This appetite for destruction of western culture has got the fingerprint of the marxist left, like the immigration open doors and the submission to the foreigners, always of western christians never of the jews even though the marxists are jews. Here's a video that gives an interpretation of the immigration crisis and the hysteria about pulling down the physical signs of the imperial West. The concept that "there's the jews behind it" comes from the fact that Rothschild and Soros are jews and are really doing an unacceptable double game: they finance Israel that is a far right state with one hand and then in Europe and the USA with the other hand finance marxist intellectuals and politicians to destroy patriotism, pull down statues, and promote gay weddings and anti-christianism.