Exit the EU or you will not survive. End of discussions.

Dead discussion: you will not win cause I will not lose.
It’s a rappers’ song.
Discussions and talks are valid till a certain point, then they go past the expiring date and smell, give nausea; the EU commissioners, bankers and masons, paid and commanded by the Rothschilds want to eliminate Europe as a land dominated by white christians, since we are the white christians we are their enemies not their friends, they lied and brought the immigrants here, Renzi, Juncker and Co. are all on the side of re-colonizing Europe with black africans and middle eastern, they want to impose the quotas, that will be never-ending until the black and the middle eastern at least outnumber us because the “kabalah jews” want revenge for the holocaust, we are enemies and we should treat them like enemies not like our representatives.
They disattended on purpose the Dublin Treaty to be able to put the reluctant states “back at the wall” into accepting a suicidal number of immigrants, they have created the crisis that brought famine in Cyprus and Greece, Mario Draghi is a masonic asshole and shouldn’t handle our currency, they stole the money of the bank accountants and if they can they’ll do it again because they are thieves, now they want to impose quotas of refugees to Britain against the actual decision of the british government or… they will prohibit the deportations in the first country of entrance. What? It’s they who didn’t respect the law in reality, it’s they who are wrong and moreover they did it on purpose for globalist reasons. Britain must give them a lesson and exit the EU.
The EU is the kingdom of the Rothschilds and of the jewish bankers and their christian masons minions (idiots) the kingdom of freemasonry much more than the UK, incredible but true, because there isn’t any church or christianity or other powers to counterbalance the masons that in the UK still exist, exit and leave them without your nationals’ tax-money until they bow down, you cannot feed people who continuously try to destroy you and insult your ancestors, paid by the same banks, Rothschild’s controlled Kuhn, Loeb & Co. that financed Mussolini and Stalin directly and even Hitler indirectly per triangulation with Rockefeller – they gave the money to the Rockefeller Foundation that handed it over Hitler that’s real history, the rest is smelly lies that make any decent person sick- and Rothschild even, let’s say it, financed Cecil Rhodes’ colonial enterprises; why doesn’t he, Lord Jacob, have to pay anything as a reward to the africans?
Starve them, at the EU they play the tough guys but they have no money it’s the states that give them billions and they at the EU use it against us, it’s they who will lose power if Britain exists and everybody, even the americans know it. Exit the EU; dead discussion.