Nick Griffin warns: western Europe is beyond the election stage already. Right Wingers must form an Alliance to save Europe from the marxists.

 Nick Griffin is everything but a fool, pay attention to this part of his speech:
"Western Europe is past the voting stage, we are now in a position that ISIS and Al Qaeda are going to launch in the next few years a civil war in western Europe out of demographic reasons....
...the liberal Intelligensia has destroyed the West... look at what happened in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden in NYE hundreds of newly comers run riots and rapes and sexually assaulted hundreds of young girls ... western Europe is all over I'm afraid."
He, Griffin intends to move to eastern Europe where he basically said he can still live like a christian and our civilization and way of living still can go on.
I'm always scared when people like Griffin emigrate, as I am scared of the incompetence of the BNP, a party that wasn't born yesterday so they knew that they had to pay the fee, £25 to the EC so what's the point? Is Griffin scared of being assassinated? Or does he know that there will be the war against ISIS and Al Qaeda more certainly than other people?
In Italy, the fascist Roberto Fiore reported from a trip to Syria that the syrian government showed him and other european MPs evidences that there are italian soldiers among ISIS fighters, evidences were provided that israeli colonel and soldiers were to be found again among the ISIS fighters against Assad. Excuse me the rudeness, what the fuck are our governments doing without consulting the Parliaments? Is Italy at war with Syria and we don't know it? Together with israeli and american soldiers they must have moved a war against Assad in a totally unlawful way. Moreover the italian lefty government wants to decriminalize the crime of clandestine immigration and the association of the judges, that behaves as if it were Freemasonry United btw, is shamefully pushing for the decriminalization, this means that the illegal immigrants will be able to stay in Italy and basically in the EU as long as they wish even if they have come illegally. Add that they want to legalize gay-weddings and our civilization will be crashed down. Put this in your mind: you cannot be christian if you legalize abortion, euthanesia, gay weddings and work on sundays, you mustn't legalize these four things and if they're legal you must repeal them. Eastern Europe is still christian, but I don't want to move there, I want to save the West, I don't know whether Griffin is in danger, we are witnessing the rise of the political Right, he would take votes if he campaigned now, Internet is a big game changer, the Labour party is destroyed - not by Corbyn, but by Miliband - Internet writers can convince as many people as the BBC, even more, so now it's time for right wingers to step up not to step down, but what if he was menaced? What if he was told he "has" go?
What game are our governments playing? RAI television, the italian equivalent of the BBC, run by a bilderberger president just like the BBC still tries to downplay NYE attacks, Renzi the Prime Minister wants more clandestine immigrants and doesn't want to do the repatriations, Berlusconi stated that we are living in a post democratic era and Griffin moves to Russia, the BNP forgets to pay the fee and shuts down.  The masons are not winning, they personally are all losers, I want to say something nasty, if it were the masons, only the masons and the leftists to be slaughtered by ISIS, Al Qaeda, if it were Laura Boldrini and the RAI female bilderberger President to be harrassed by the muslim thugs they are welcoming and imposing to the rest of Europe, I wouldn't suffer, but I am saying No. I don't want this, I don't trust this immigration/colonization policy. God makes justice for us. The leftists cannot sell away our countries because Rothschild, Soros and the marxists say so.
Please Right Wing politicians form an International Right Wing Cartel; Cameron, Sarko, LePen, Orban, Rasmussen, Thulesen Dahl, Trump, Meloni, Salvini, Berlusconi, Farage, Nick Griffin, all and save Europe. God bless the people who want justice.