Schengen Breakdown: The Traitors won't Prevail.

All the traitors inside the EU countries are being given a big blow and by Sweden indeed. No one is allowed in Sweden without...passport. Oh, dear the passport  has come back, after years of holidays now the swedes have come to their senses. I'm glad because the refugee crisis was organized by Soros, Rothschild and their minions, to lose Sweden for them is almost like a 2:0 in soccer, only the match isn't over yet.
This is the end of Schengen. Tout court. After the attempt to de-empower the nations, to try to make people feel guilty for not wanting to be invaded, after the austerity for the europeans and money given away in charities for the poor whose bosses, David Miliband, take such wages as $600,000 per annum plus perks, also the perks? yes, no wonder with all these charitable guys the poor, no matter how much money you give them,  remain poor. After this, from the North Sweden says no. Like the good girl who thinks, rightly, she's being tricked.
And we are happy. There is only a solution to this emergency and the solution is the same that solved the problems in the past years: once a person is found out not having the right to stay in a country, he has to be sent back to the first country he comes from before the one that found the illegality. This means that France cannot allow the illegals in Calais linger on in France until they manage to reach Britain, France should either deport them in their own country or send them back to Italy or to Germany, the last safe country they come from. One by one they should all be sent back to Turkey and ahime* to Italy or if there isn't any war in Libya anymore, back to Libya. This is the only effective system when a person does not give the real identity and the real country of origin, he's sent back to the previous country, so country after country he'll have to do the road backwards. He/she cannot be sent back only in countries where there's a war or risks capital death.
This system works in fact in the eighties we only had regular immigrants with passport and there wasn't any chaos. It was more civilized. By the way, the Britons have any right to send the refugees who come from France back to France, Cazeneuve, Hollande an Mr. Valls they can toughen up their own policy instead of letting people "trying" to the UK. That's not very elegant nor very "european".
*"Ahime to Italy", because I am italian. But justice is justice, people must patrol their own borders, they cannot take in immigrants and then let them to France or the UK illegally and let them roaming in Europe. Lefty politicians who play the good ones, like Renzi, and take immigrants/refugees in the Med. they must be doing it at their own country's expenses not playing the good rescuer and then tell the others "Now we all keep them, legal or illegal". As for Angela Merkel, if she really wants more syrian refugees, since we are in the year 2016 not 300 bc, she can go and take them directly in Turkey and fly them from Istanbul to Frankfurt by plane, I don't see any need to tell them: "Come on foot and/or swimming, if you survive I give you the asylum". That's not very modern, or up to date, is that? It looks more like they have gone. Crazy.